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2009-04-30 Why do so many births end up as Caesareans? 0 None
2009-04-30 Study examines radiation dose estimates for pregnant women undergoing therapeutic ERCP 0 None
2009-04-29 Effects of pacifiers on breastfeeding success 0 None
2009-04-29 Amount of breast water could be linked to the risk of breast cancer 0 None
2009-04-26 Predominant risk factors for first urinary tract infections in college-aged women 0 None
2009-04-26 Fistula-related morbidity decreased by prompt treatment in Sierra Leone 0 None
2009-04-26 Women warned about risks of alternative menopause treatments 0 1
2009-04-23 Should cervical screening stop at age 50? 0 None
2009-04-23 New MR procedure may help save women from unnecessary breast biopsies 0 None
2009-04-23 Discrepancies between reports of HRT dangers and supporting data 0 None
2009-04-22 Hormone therapy may lower colorectal cancer risk in women 0 None
2009-04-22 Number of women dying from breast cancer hits record low 0 None
2009-04-22 Walnuts can reduce breast cancer risk 0 None
2009-04-22 Breastfeeding lowers risk of heart attacks or strokes 0 None
2009-04-22 Stress in the form of depressive symptoms affects exercise patterns in breast cancer patients 0 None
2009-04-21 Psoriasis increases risk for developing diabetes and hypertension in women 0 None
2009-04-20 Removal of ovaries during hysterectomy increases risk of death, outweighs benefits 0 None
2009-04-20 Oral contraceptives impair muscle mass gains in young women 0 None
2009-04-20 Research shows how p53 mutations link to high-grade breast cancer, poor outcomes 0 None
2009-04-20 Menstrual cycle affects knee joints 0 None
2009-04-20 Exercise during pregnancy need not require stealing time from other activities 0 None
2009-04-20 The effects of maternal exercise on fetal breathing movements 0 None
2009-04-20 Young women on the pill suffer impaired muscle gains from weight lifting 0 None
2009-04-20 Women who wear veils risk vitamin D deficiency 0 None
2009-04-16 Vegan nuns found to have same bone density as non-vegans 0 None
2009-04-16 Births by Cesarean section rose by more than 40 percent in 10 years 0 None
2009-04-16 A good midwife makes giving birth at home as safe as in hospital 0 None
2009-04-15 Stressed pregnant women more likely to have asthmatic children 0 None
2009-04-14 Surgical gel used to stop bleeding could confuse mammograms 0 None
2009-04-14 Maternal positions and mobility during first stage of labor 0 5
2009-04-14 Upright positions for childbirth shorten first-stage labor 0 None
2009-04-12 More women with early-stage breast cancer opting for double mastectomies 0 5
2009-04-12 Multivitamins have no impact on risk of cancer or heart disease in postmenopausal women 0 None
2009-04-12 The invisible woman: Availability and culpability in reproductive health jurisprudence 0 None
2009-04-09 Vitamin D deficiency is associated with inflammation in healthy women 0 None
2009-04-09 Soybean chemicals may reduce menopause symptoms 0 None
2009-04-08 Review of studies finds acupuncture no help for hot flushes during the menopause 0 None
2009-04-08 Women more aware of underarm odor 1 5
2009-04-07 Deadly skin cancer now threatens women in their twenties 0 None
2009-04-06 Does exercise help prevent breast cancer? 0 None
2009-04-05 Breastmilk test may reveal cancer risk early 0 None
2009-04-02 Black women in Britain have double the risk of pregnancy complications 0 None
2009-04-01 Women's health increasingly undervalued in conflicts over reproductive rights 0 None
2009-04-01 Link between certain types of radiation therapy and fertility problems in women 0 None
2009-04-01 A need for better ovarian cancer screening tools 0 None
2009-04-01 To screen for breast cancer or not 0 None
2009-04-01 Discovery of possible trigger for onset of labor 0 None
2009-04-01 Good intentions not enough to protect older women who live alone, MU researcher finds 0 None
2009-04-01 Mother's criticism causes distinctive neural activity among formerly depressed 0 None


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