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2010-10-30 Phenomenon of forced marriage in Norway 0 None
2010-10-30 Special issue of Ecopsychology outlines woman's self-perception and behavior 0 None
2010-10-30 National Conference to educate breast cancer patients about personal health 0 None
2010-10-30 Obama's new domestic violence initiative betrays needs of women, say experts 0 None
2010-10-30 Largest annual Pregnancy Wellness report distributed to millions 0 None
2010-10-30 EcoNugenics introduces new nutraceutical compound for breast health 0 None
2010-10-30 Women with dense breasts and no lobular involution at higher risk for breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-30 PUMA's Project Pink program raises funds for Women's Cancer Research Center 0 None
2010-10-30 Women with anorexia nervosa at risk of unplanned pregnancies and induced abortions 0 4
2010-10-30 Women with type O blood linked to low egg numbers 0 None
2010-10-30 Bed rest may harm mother and baby in pregnancy complications 0 1
2010-10-29 Female soldiers at increased rates of developing PTSD following sexual trauma 0 None
2010-10-29 Study finds genetic variants that may modify breast cancer risk among women with BRCA2 mutation 0 None
2010-10-29 Parasitic disease inflicts damage to women's reproductive organs: Research 0 5
2010-10-28 Slivers of frozen ovaries allow for childbirth later in life 0 1
2010-10-28 NICE issues PTNS guidance for overactive bladder 0 None
2010-10-28 CECOLFES fertility treatment results demonstrate effectiveness of INVOcell cycle process 0 None
2010-10-28 IsoRay completes Cs-131 brachytherapy seeds feasibility study for breast cancer treatment 0 None
2010-10-28 Government institutions need to find alternate funding sources for colorectal cancer screening 0 None
2010-10-28 Annals of Urology to publish NAFC research on overactive bladder symptoms 0 None
2010-10-28 Even most vulnerable infants can transition to breast-feeding: Study 0 None
2010-10-28 New national campaign to drive awareness on DVT and PE prevention in women 0 None
2010-10-28 Sec. of State Clinton commits $44M toward new initiatives to empower women 0 None
2010-10-28 Reuters examines development progress of microbicide gel to prevent HIV 0 None
2010-10-28 Study finds green tea does not protect breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-27 DIY breast cancer detection kit on its way 0 None
2010-10-27 Advanced procedure for microsurgical breast reconstruction offered at Baptist Health hospitals 0 None
2010-10-27 Two-thirds of fetuses with HLHS have strong chance of survival 0 None
2010-10-27 Researchers recommend vaginal delivery for breech babies 0 5
2010-10-27 Study suggests need to explore new infertility tests 0 None
2010-10-27 VCA Clinical Fellowship awarded for epithelial ovarian cancer research 0 None
2010-10-27 Study demonstrates changing levels of nitrite and nitrate in breast milk 0 None
2010-10-27 New portable scanner for breast cancer diagnosis 0 None
2010-10-26 Agile presents AG200-15 contraceptive patch Phase 2 clinical study results at 66th ASRM 0 None
2010-10-26 Researchers shed new light on genetic factors that increase common disorders of pregnancy 0 2
2010-10-25 S.A.N.E. Vax requests temporary suspension of Gardasil sales as cervical cancer preventive 0 None
2010-10-25 GSN initiates trial of microarray PGD on pregnancy and implantation rates in IVF 0 None
2010-10-25 Barriers for female heart patients entering cardiac rehab 0 None
2010-10-25 Researchers publish effects of doctor-designed formula against breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-25 Experts identify efficient way to increase minority access to colorectal cancer screening 0 None
2010-10-25 Study finds metabolic syndrome may indicate breast cancer risk in post-menopausal women 0 None
2010-10-25 Fred Hutchinson Center offers research-based tip sheets for breast cancer survivors 0 None
2010-10-25 Research on worms may help develop ways to maintain fertility in humans 0 None
2010-10-25 FDA approves LO LOESTRIN FE tablets for oral contraception 0 None
2010-10-24 Hepatitis C from anesthetist case assumes new proportions 0 None
2010-10-24 Motherhood helps women grow their grey matter: Study 0 None
2010-10-22 Primary care-based patient navigation can reduce healthcare disparities 0 None
2010-10-22 Research could lead to new therapies for breast cancers 0 5
2010-10-22 Bright Starts announces 2010 Pink Power Mom winners 0 None
2010-10-22 Task Force: Disparities in breast cancer mortality continue to be high in Chicago 0 None
2010-10-22 PSST training helps mothers to cope with stress associated with child's disease 0 None
2010-10-22 New epilepsy drugs give more options, but make treatment decisions more complex: Epilepsy specialist 1 5
2010-10-22 U.N. reports explore issues facing women worldwide 0 None
2010-10-22 Disparities in breast cancer mortality continues to be high in Chicago: Data 0 None
2010-10-22 New review outlines Bionovo's platform of estrogen receptor modulators for menopausal conditions 0 None
2010-10-22 ACOG joins Jay Monahan Center to develop new chapter on Female Cancers resource guide 0 None
2010-10-22 CPIC awarded $2.6M grant to examine obesity, cancer risk within California Teachers Study 0 None
2010-10-21 Oral cancer linked to oral sex: Study 0 5
2010-10-21 Female sex hormones help women survive after trauma 0 None
2010-10-21 Covidien helps sustain transportation program for low-income women needing prenatal care 0 None
2010-10-21 Endocrine Society's statement clarifies association between hormone therapy and breast cancer risk 0 None
2010-10-21 Motherhood may cause brain to grow 0 None
2010-10-21 Matrix-Bio's VeraMarker-BCR blood test predicts breast cancer recurrence 13 months before clinical diagnosis 0 4.5
2010-10-21 Effects of breast cancer do not end after chemotherapy 0 4
2010-10-21 Annual conventional Pap smear is cost effective to reduce cancer incidence and mortality 0 4
2010-10-21 Hormone therapy associated with increased risk of death from breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-21 Mothers who gush about babies grow bigger brains 0 None
2010-10-21 Researchers suggest 'watch and wait' strategy for girls with germ-cell ovarian tumors 0 None
2010-10-21 Hormone therapy increases breast cancer mortality risk, study finds 0 None
2010-10-21 Menopausal estrogen replacement therapy speeds growth of ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-10-21 Also in Global Health News: Foreign aid in Ethiopia; Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation; Health in Myanmar; Poverty in Zambia; Rwanda's progress on MDGs; Men involved in PMTCT of HIV 0 None
2010-10-20 Overweight dads may pass on diabetes to their daughters: Study 0 None
2010-10-20 CRN reinforces importance of DHA before, during and after pregnancy 0 None
2010-10-20 More education and attention needed on inflammatory breast cancer 0 5
2010-10-20 New report focuses on inflammatory breast cancer 0 5
2010-10-20 National Pap Test Campaign for cervical cancer diagnosis 0 None
2010-10-20 UTHSC-Houston initiates enrollment in NanoLogix technology trial for detection of GBS in pregnant women 0 5
2010-10-20 Consumption of fish oil capsules during pregnancy does not reduce post-natal depression 0 None
2010-10-20 NIH awards 5-year, $3.7M grant for study of intrauterine cocaine and substance exposure 0 None
2010-10-20 AU launches African women's decade project to improve health, development 0 None
2010-10-19 Fish oil not as good for pregnant mums as thought: Study 0 None
2010-10-19 Agendia establishes contract with Humana for coverage of MammaPrint breast cancer recurrence test 0 None
2010-10-19 Syneron launches VelaBABE device for women to reclaim pre-baby body 0 None
2010-10-19 Fatalism may prevent Latinas from using cancer screening services 0 None
2010-10-19 Study: Women's labor experience tied to ethnicity and genetics 0 None
2010-10-19 Novartis announces six-year data of Reclast injection for postmenopausal women with osteoporosis 0 None
2010-10-19 New data on Merck’s odanacatib for osteoporosis in postmenopausal women presented at 32nd ASBMR 0 None
2010-10-19 Survey reveals impact of insomnia during menopause 0 None
2010-10-19 NCCN updates Clinical Practice Guidelines for Breast Cancer 0 None
2010-10-19 Karmanos Cancer Institute awarded $3M NIH grant to study triple-negative breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-19 Type 2 diabetes and insulin use associated with CRC risk in men, but not women 0 None
2010-10-19 Halt Medical's Tulip RFVTA probe granted Canadian approval for treatment of uterine fibroids 0 None
2010-10-19 Genetic variations linked to early menopause: Study 0 None
2010-10-18 BioSante enrolls 2,500th woman in LibiGel Phase III cardiovascular and breast cancer safety study 0 None
2010-10-18 Women with normal bone mineral density at age 67 don't need osteoporosis screening again for 10 years 0 None
2010-10-18 Free margin of 2mm from area of invasive breast cancer minimizes residual disease: Study 0 None
2010-10-18 Phase III study influences WHO to change guidelines for HIV-infected women receiving nevirapine 0 None
2010-10-18 St. Joseph's gynecologic oncologist expresses concern about ovarian cancer study 0 None
2010-10-18 New discovery raises hopes for women with tamoxifen resistance 0 None
2010-10-18 Six-year data of reinforces efficacy and safety of Reclast injection in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis 0 None
2010-10-18 Researchers identify genes that predict early menopause 0 None
2010-10-17 Victorian abortion clinics ask for exclusion zones 2 3
2010-10-15 Births in Italy and Germany from eggs tested by CGH 0 None
2010-10-15 Heavy drinking during pregnancy associated with serious developmental defects in fetus 0 None
2010-10-15 Abortion, health law heat up campaign debates around the country 0 None
2010-10-15 OTIS urges pregnant women to get vaccinated against influenza 0 None
2010-10-15 Spinal fractures remain undiagnosed and untreated 0 None
2010-10-15 UBM Medica acquires from 0 None
2010-10-15 Researchers develop new lab test for diagnosing preeclampsia 0 None
2010-10-15 New, affordable technology for cervical cancer screening 0 None
2010-10-15 Researchers study bacterial ecosystem to optimize women's health 0 None
2010-10-14 Biodar Plus to provide INVO Bioscience's infertility treatments and distribute INVOcell device across Ukraine 0 None
2010-10-14 Think Pink event offers information on breast care to lead healthier life 0 None
2010-10-14 Tiger Balm sponsors 15th annual Susan G. Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Race for the Cure 0 None
2010-10-14 The Shriver Report reveals AD’s epidemic effect on women 0 None
2010-10-14 FREE educational program to explore discoveries and treatments on women's health issues 0 None
2010-10-14 Planned Parenthood launches campaign for free contraceptives as part of health law 0 None
2010-10-14 Researchers propose Nintendo Wii gaming to control gestational diabetes in women 0 None
2010-10-14 Researchers seek to end disparities in cancer, stroke care 0 None
2010-10-14 Ligand launches Viviant in Japan and Spain for postmenopausal osteoporosis 0 None
2010-10-14 Acceleron announces ACE-031 Phase 1b study results 0 None
2010-10-13 Scientists identify gene that could predict breast cancer patients' response to tamoxifen 0 None
2010-10-13 Stem cell-enriched autologous fat treatment safe for breast reconstruction after cancer surgery 0 None
2010-10-13 Metabolic screening before conception predicts development of diabetes in subsequent pregnancy 0 None
2010-10-13 Infection during pregnancy linked to increased risk for neurodevelopmental disorders in fetus 0 None
2010-10-13 Vegetable consumption decreases risk of estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer in African-American women 0 None
2010-10-13 Combination of cetuximab and cisplatin chemotherapy benefits women with triple-negative breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-12 Australian women stressed and overweight: Survey 0 None
2010-10-12 USPTO issues Watson Notice of Allowance for key progesterone patent to treat or prevent preterm birth 0 None
2010-10-12 Mobile outreach program by sex workers provides key link to health, support services 0 None
2010-10-12 Engaging in healthy lifestyle can help women with family history control breast cancer risk 0 None
2010-10-12 Woman’s socioeconomic status impacts clinicians' decisions for contraception: Study 0 None
2010-10-12 Racial disparities in breast cancer care persist despite health insurance and socioeconomic status 0 None
2010-10-12 First presentation of anti-HER2 antibody-drug conjugate as first-line therapy for advanced breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-12 WHO Western Pacific meeting to address maternal health, rise in dengue 0 None
2010-10-12 GlobalSMS platform selected to increase breastfeeding rates among new mothers 0 None
2010-10-12 Healthy lifestyle can reduce breast cancer risk in women with family history 0 None
2010-10-12 Loyola treats rare lung disease LAM in women 0 4.2
2010-10-12 Estrogen therapy may increase risk of kidney stones in postmenopausal women: Study 0 None
2010-10-12 Combination therapy for ovarian cancer leads to greater toxicity 0 None
2010-10-12 Mammography, vaccines still raise questions in consumers' minds 0 4
2010-10-12 Study finds rapid increase in diabetes hospitalizations among young women 0 None
2010-10-12 Women with epilepsy at risk of infertility 0 None
2010-10-12 HHS awards $5 million grant to support teen pregnancy prevention programs 0 None
2010-10-12 Estrogen therapy increases risk of kidney stone development in postmenopausal women 0 None
2010-10-11 $750 million needed to treat obstetric fistula until 2015 0 None
2010-10-11 Identifying subsets of patients who will respond to subsequent lines of chemotherapy 0 None
2010-10-11 Fertility concerns of cancer survivors inadequately addressed, study finds 0 None
2010-10-11 Research suggests bevacizumab delays progression in newly diagnosed ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-10-11 Adding Cetuximab to chemo doubles response rate in hard-to-treat breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-11 Baby born from 20 year old frozen embryo 0 None
2010-10-11 Atomic Tattoos launches 'Tats for Tatas' breast cancer awareness fundraising campaign 0 None
2010-10-11 Incentivized structured weight loss program with free prepared meals effectively promotes weight loss 0 5
2010-10-11 Upward trend for post-breast feeding breast augmentation procedures 0 None
2010-10-11 Persimmon Scientific to showcase antimicrobial nursing pads, hypoallergenic diaper liners at 8th ABC Kids Expo 0 None
2010-10-11 Merck Serono announces first results from Erbitux BALI-1 study in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-11 Tips to keep bones strong 0 4.5
2010-10-11 FDA approves Warner Chilcott's ACTONEL for postmenopausal osteoporosis 0 None
2010-10-11 The Atlantic reports on potential challenges to passage of the International Violence Against Women Act 0 None
2010-10-11 Researchers to convene for 2010 Advances in Breast Cancer Research Workshop at University of Arkansas 0 None
2010-10-11 Novel hormonal treatments may help ER-negative breast cancer patients: Study 0 None
2010-10-11 PlastiPure, ReliaBrand partner to produce EA-Free plastic consumer products 0 None
2010-10-11 Sec. of State Clinton, other officials launch initiative to provide mobile phones to 150M women in the developing world 0 None
2010-10-11 New natural dietary components inhibit breast cancer cells 0 None
2010-10-11 Research-based tip sheets provide details on breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-11 Researchers identify factor that affects breast cancer patients' survival time in chemotherapy 0 None
2010-10-11 Roche, DKFZ announce research collaboration to predict cervical cancer risk 0 None
2010-10-11 Researchers investigate ways to minimize risk of multiple pregnancies 0 None
2010-10-11 Phase-II clinical trial of MLN8237 drug shows promising results for treating ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-10-11 Anti-HER2 antibody-drug conjugate effective as first-line therapy for advanced breast cancer: Research 0 5
2010-10-10 Bathing better than pethidine as pain relief during labor: Survey 1 5
2010-10-08 Survey shows obstetricians, gynecologists unfamiliar with Chagas' disease 0 None
2010-10-08 Breast density notification laws can improve cancer detection 0 None
2010-10-08 Insurer funds business PAC supporting Calif. GOP insurance commissioner candidate, other health politics 0 None
2010-10-07 Simple tips to prevent breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-07 IMS launches new Recommendations to manage postmenopausal vaginal atrophy 0 None
2010-10-07 Study reveals fine-tuning mechanism of angiotensinogen in pre-eclampsia 0 5
2010-10-07 Health care votes haunt anti-abortion Dems; Republicans confront challenges with 'pledge' 0 None
2010-10-07 Soy germ-based nutritional supplement helps to manage menopausal symptoms 0 None
2010-10-07 Ferring Pharmaceuticals announces publication of Phase 3 trials of LYSTEDA tablets for HMB 0 None
2010-10-07 DCIS patients with high mammographic density face subsequent breast cancer risk 0 None
2010-10-07 Raloxifene drug may be useful in treating kidney disease in women: Study 0 None
2010-10-07 Research findings likely to have significant implications for treatment of pre-eclampsia, hypertension 0 None
2010-10-07 NIH grants $3.7 million to develop more accurate algorithms for tracking fetal development 0 None
2010-10-07 Faith-based interventions effective in changing behavior among older African-American women: Study 0 None
2010-10-06 What to eat and drink when pregnant: New studies 0 1
2010-10-06 Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging more effective than ultrasound in finding cancers 0 None
2010-10-06 IVF pioneer wins Nobel prize three decades after groundbreaking work 0 None
2010-10-06 Research suggests carotenoids can support women's health 0 None
2010-10-06 Study finds link between air pollution and breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-06 Alma Lasers partners with National Breast Cancer Foundation to combat breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-06 Scott & White's Breast Cancer Clinic program achieves NAPBC accreditation 0 None
2010-10-06 Foot surgeons urge patients not to ignore foot pain 0 5
2010-10-05 Tips on pregnancy care from NHS Choices 0 None
2010-10-05 Reuters, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel honored with Barlett & Steele Awards 0 None
2010-10-05 Black mothers less likely to initiate and continue breastfeeding: Study 0 None
2010-10-05 Home birth with midwife as safe as hospital birth for women with low-risk pregnancies 0 None
2010-10-05 Intervention program prevents smoking relapse, increases breastfeeding duration 0 None
2010-10-05 Race, ethnicity affect diagnostic delay more than insurance status for women with breast abnormalities 0 None
2010-10-05 TV shows help teens better understand challenges of teen pregnancy and parenthood 1 None
2010-10-05 BioSante to present LibiGel clinical trial update at NAMS Annual Meeting 0 None
2010-10-05 Gen-Probe submits 510(k) application to FDA for APTIMA Trichomonas vaginalis assay on TIGRIS system 0 None
2010-10-05 Maternal serotonin deficiency linked to development of ADHD in children 0 None
2010-10-05 Maternal influenza vaccination prevents flu in infants 0 1
2010-10-05 Study finds BRACAnalysis vital for triple negative breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-10-05 Depressed pregnant women at increased risk of delivering preterm birth and low-birth weight infants 0 None
2010-10-05 AmeriCares, AstraZeneca enter commitment to expand breast cancer treatment in Cambodia 0 None
2010-10-04 Healthcare system does not take girls with autism or ADHD symptoms seriously 0 None
2010-10-04 Reports find disparities of care based on insurance coverage, race 0 None
2010-10-04 Agile completes enrollment in AG200-15 Phase 3 contraceptive patch study 0 None
2010-10-04 Non-reversible gastric bypass surgery linked to increased risk of fetal neural tube defects 0 None
2010-10-04 Mind-body intervention effective in treating persistent fatigue in breast cancer survivors 0 None
2010-10-04 Mandatory contraceptive policy in clinical trials is excessive and can safely be relaxed 0 None
2010-10-04 New report presents scientific data on environmental causes of breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-04 Researchers identify ways to predict embryonic developmental success 0 None
2010-10-04 Fred Hutchinson Center offers research-based tip sheets on breast cancer 0 None
2010-10-04 PET imaging technique helps early treatment response assessment for cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-10-04 Vigorous exercise reduces breast cancer risk: Study 0 None
2010-10-04 Environmental smoke exposure increases breast cancer risk among Mexican women 0 None
2010-10-03 UTHealth receives funds for teen pregnancy prevention program 0 None
2010-10-03 Vitamin D deficiency in African-American women can increase risk of aggressive breast cancer: Study 0 None
2010-10-01 Study examines link between insufficient sleep and blood pressure among pregnant women 0 None
2010-10-01 UC San Diego researcher receives 'Era of Hope Scholar Award' for innovation in breast cancer study 0 None
2010-10-01 Herpevac Trial for Women finds experimental vaccine ineffective in prevention of genital herpes disease 0 5
2010-10-01 Researchers study potential of menstrual blood-derived stem cells for stroke therapy 0 None
2010-10-01 Adequate sleep is the secret to a long life 0 None
2010-10-01 HHS announces grants for teen pregnancy prevention programs 0 None
2010-10-01 Study finds benefits of mammograms for women in their 40s, sparking disagreement 0 None
2010-10-01 Swedish Medical Center researcher receives NIH grants to study pregnancy complications 0 None
2010-10-01 Mammography screening of middle-aged women reduces breast cancer mortality rate by 30% 0 None


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