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2010-03-31 Eisai Europe seeks EMA approval of eribulin mesylate for locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-31 Fourth biennial BHGI Global Summit on International Breast Health 0 None
2010-03-31 Benefits outweigh risks associated with breast cancer screening 0 None
2010-03-31 Study finds groundbreaking technology in TechniScan's Warm Bath Ultrasound promising 0 None
2010-03-31 Guided Therapeutics' LightTouch Cervical Scanner demonstrates increased detection of disease over Pap tests 0 None
2010-03-31 March of Dimes declares 2010 Colorado funding for mom and baby health programs 0 None
2010-03-31 PMDD often misdiagnosed as major depression or other mood disorder 0 5
2010-03-31 Eisai seeks simultaneous approval of eribulin mesylate in U.S., EU and Japan 0 None
2010-03-31 Devicor offers to acquire EES Breast Care business 0 None
2010-03-31 Beta-blockers can reduce cancer spread in patients with breast tumours 0 None
2010-03-31 Study indicates estrogenic drug could help treat schizophrenia 0 None
2010-03-31 Study evaluates OCP treatment to prevent endometrioma recurrence 0 None
2010-03-31 Facts and treatment options for endometriosis 0 1
2010-03-30 Multi-center clinical trial of MyoSure Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System initiated 0 None
2010-03-30 Breast cancer patients undertreated, essential radiation after mastectomy not performed 0 5
2010-03-30 Few pregnant women meet physical activity guidelines set by health officials: Study 0 3
2010-03-30 Systemic treatment of microRNA therapeutic targeting miR-10b inhibits breast cancer metastasis 0 1
2010-03-30 CEO Roundtable on Cancer announces Gold Standard accreditation for Susan G. Komen for the Cure 0 None
2010-03-30 In pregnant women, DVT more likely to occur on left side 0 None
2010-03-30 Obama's calm demeanor, Pelosi's firm stand helped push health care law 0 None
2010-03-30 Gene expression in breast tissue may help explain pregnancy-associated breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-29 Interim data comparing Cervista HPV HR to Hybrid Capture 2 presented at 4th Biennial Meeting of AOGIN 0 None
2010-03-29 Six weeks of radiotherapy to be consolidated into 30 minutes for breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-03-27 Federal funding of elective abortion: Obama signs executive order, FRC Action PAC comments 0 1
2010-03-27 Cook Medical's new IVF culture-oil purification process reduces contaminant trace to below detectable limits 0 2
2010-03-27 Lymph node radiotherapy well-tolerated after mastectomy or breast conserving surgery 0 None
2010-03-27 Radio ad supports legislation to end cash for egg donation 0 None
2010-03-27 Presence of PARP protein in tumours can help predict their response to chemotherapy 0 None
2010-03-27 Studies shed light on treatment options for women carrying BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic mutations 0 None
2010-03-27 Genome sequencing of tumors biopsied from women with invasive breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-27 Ford Motor donates $255,000 to fund completion of Oakwood Healthcare System's research study 0 None
2010-03-26 Survival improving in patients with HER2 positive metastatic breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-26 Study finds 15-year outcomes of BCT and mastectomy similar 0 None
2010-03-26 Disparities in African American women's breastfeeding practices 0 3
2010-03-26 Survival rate is improving in HER2 positive breast cancer patients 0 2.8
2010-03-26 Abnormality on chromosome 17 helps detect breast cancer tumour's response to anthracyclines 0 None
2010-03-26 Treatment with beta-blockers can help reduce spread of cancer in patients with breast tumours 0 None
2010-03-26 Evaluating potential of Ampligen and TLR3 agonists as cancer immunotherapeutics 0 None
2010-03-26 Informing young women surviving breast cancer about opportunities to have children 0 None
2010-03-26 False perception of increased risk induces women with breast cancer have prophylactic mastectomies 0 None
2010-03-26 Adjuvant systemic must be considered for treatment of primary breast cancer and recurrence 0 None
2010-03-26 Complex relation between breastfeeding, prolactin and breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-26 Pregnant breast cancer patients can receive chemotherapy without endangering baby health 0 None
2010-03-26 Women continue to be main caregivers for minors, elderly, disabled and sick 0 None
2010-03-26 Changing drug therapy can help breast cancer patients get full benefit of tamoxifen treatment 0 None
2010-03-26 Pregnancy safe for breast cancer survivors, says study 0 1
2010-03-26 Mexican-American women les likely to use emergency medical services for stroke symptoms 0 None
2010-03-26 Threats and vandalism against Democrats who vote for health reform 0 None
2010-03-26 Obama's closed-door signing of executive order on abortion funding raises objections 0 None
2010-03-26 Cook Medical to feature its Goldstein SonoBiopsy Catheter at 2010 AIUM convention 0 None
2010-03-26 New study: Egg donors may be paid too much 0 None
2010-03-26 Human rights organization calls for national action to combat rising pregnancy-related complications 0 None
2010-03-26 Palex Medical to distribute Genomic Health's Oncotype DX breast cancer test in Spain and Portugal 0 None
2010-03-26 Sexual abuse in childhood triggers retraumatization during pregnancy 0 None
2010-03-25 Beaumont Hospital opens women's urology center 0 None
2010-03-25 Fertility industry offers big money to recruit “desirable” egg donors at top universities 0 None
2010-03-25 Osteoporosis drugs falsely implicated in rare thigh bone fractures, say new reports 0 None
2010-03-25 Women from poor backgrounds have worse breast cancer outcomes 0 None
2010-03-25 Changing drug therapy can help breast cancer patients get full benefit of Tamoxifen 0 None
2010-03-25 New study investigates effects of influenza among pregnant women 0 None
2010-03-24 Fertility remains a significant issue for majority of breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-03-24 Patients and doctors' views on important endpoints in incurable metastatic breast cancer 0 5
2010-03-24 Clinicians can help pregnant women in making lifestyle changes for healthy weight gain 0 None
2010-03-24 60 minutes of moderate-intensity activity needed to maintain normal weight: Study 0 None
2010-03-24 PBCC supports passage of health care legislation 0 None
2010-03-24 60 minutes of moderate exercise can keep your scales happy, says research 0 None
2010-03-24 Research shows single women still face social stigma 0 5
2010-03-24 Analgesics can decrease risk of breast or ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-03-24 Majority of Pennsylvania women do not seek treatments for chronic pain 0 None
2010-03-24 Caesarean births jump over 70% 0 None
2010-03-24 HPV test could help predict risk of cervical cancer, but more research needed 0 None
2010-03-23 Garnet BioTherapeutics commences treatment in GBT009 trial for incisional wounds following breast reconstruction surgery 0 None
2010-03-23 Breathing diesel exhaust during pregnancy linked with sluggishness in offspring 0 None
2010-03-23 Skin sparing mastectomy procedures under-utilized in the U.S. 0 None
2010-03-23 Pew Home Visiting Campaign director comments on maternal and infant home visiting provisions 0 None
2010-03-23 Cancer Research UK's special Race for Life event takes place in Essex 0 None
2010-03-23 Passage of health insurance reforms should spur action to ensure quality maternal care 0 5
2010-03-23 Combining cognitive behavioral therapy with medication bupropion helps women quit smoking 0 None
2010-03-23 You and your baby may need vitamin D supplementation says research 0 None
2010-03-23 Physical therapy exercise improves postnatal well-being and reduces risk for PND 0 None
2010-03-23 Advaxis' ADXS11-001 Phase 1 study for cervix cancer failures: 13.3% of treated patients alive at over 3 years 0 None
2010-03-23 Health bill's passage rested on White House executive order on abortion 0 None
2010-03-22 GUMC scientists awarded five-year $7.5M grant to perfect treatment of breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-22 Patient with breast lesion should undergo surgical excision to eliminate underlying malignancy: Study 0 None
2010-03-22 House passes historic health care reform legislation 0 None
2010-03-22 Pevion Biotech commences Phase 1 clinical trial of PEV7 vaccine 0 None
2010-03-22 'Pro-life Democrat' vote to divide nation into Party of Death and Party of Life 0 None
2010-03-22 Global breast cancer organization recognizes Northeast Ohio Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure 0 None
2010-03-22 Executive order on abortion funding to assuage anti-choice members: Center for Reproductive Rights concerned 0 None
2010-03-22 Congress ignores people's wishes by voting for taxpayer-funded abortion: AUL Action President 0 None
2010-03-22 Pro-abortion health care package: ACLJ preparing legal challenges 0 None
2010-03-22 Catholics for Choice comments on healthcare reform promises 0 None
2010-03-22 Health reform crucial weekend: Democratic leaders predict victory, abortion still stumbling block 0 None
2010-03-22 Swine flu risk to pregnant women uncovered in landmark study 0 None
2010-03-20 Battle for abortion vote: AUL Action mobilizes thousands of activists in targeted Congressional districts 0 None
2010-03-20 Breast cancer survivors at increased risk of developing second cancer: Study 0 None
2010-03-20 KHN columns explore how abortion funding issues are factoring into health reform 0 None
2010-03-20 Canadian Prime Minister says he's open to including contraception in G8 plan for improving maternal, child health 0 None
2010-03-20 Susan G. Komen receives $31,680 as donation for the Cure, San Diego 0 None
2010-03-19 Abstract about Phase I/II trial of ThermoDox in RCW accepted for presentation at ASCO 2010 0 None
2010-03-19 Women need education on risks associated with early elective cesarean sections: Survey 0 None
2010-03-19 House Democrats continue push for weekend House vote on health reform measure 0 None
2010-03-19 Rates of breast cancer occurrences in Asian women rising among specific ethnic groups 0 None
2010-03-18 Solos Endoscopy secures U.S. Trademark for MammoView name 0 None
2010-03-18 First Edition: March 18, 2010 0 None
2010-03-18 Combination of gemcitabine and cisplatin limits the progression of endometrial cancer: Study 0 None
2010-03-18 Expectant mothers’ spatial memory ability reduces during later stages of pregnancy 0 None
2010-03-18 iVillage launches new Health site to help women manage their health needs online 0 None
2010-03-18 Family planning will not be included in Canada's G8 maternal health initiative, Foreign Minister says 0 None
2010-03-18 Feelings of guilt and shame haunt mothers with eating difficulties 0 None
2010-03-18 House Democratic leader twisting arms of the rank-and-file; Tracking health reform vote tally 0 None
2010-03-18 Agendia to participate in groundbreaking clinical trial for breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-18 I-SPY 2: The Biomarkers Consortium launches clinical trial for high risk, fast-growing breast cancers 0 5
2010-03-17 Full Medicare coverage for IVF: CFAS felicitates Quebec government 0 None
2010-03-17 Clarient's Ovotax test may help improve patients’ response to taxane therapy 0 None
2010-03-17 Advance provision of emergency contraception does not decrease pregnancy rates 0 None
2010-03-17 Cervical cancer vaccine may protect females from post-surgical recurrence 0 None
2010-03-17 Case management funds breast cancer screening and diagnostic services for low-income women 0 None
2010-03-17 Delphi Screener devices help detect HPV in women 2 5
2010-03-17 Methamphetamine abuse during pregnancy leads to structural abnormalities in brain of children 0 4.7
2010-03-17 House Democrats move health bill with controversial, complicated strategy 0 None
2010-03-17 Women on oral contraceptive pills live longer 0 None
2010-03-17 Gardasil vaccine may protect women from post-surgical recurrence of cervical cancer 0 None
2010-03-17 Obesity and passive smoking are risk factors for elevated umbilical cord neonatal immature 0 None
2010-03-17 Catholic Bishops oppose health bill, while other Catholic groups offer support 0 None
2010-03-17 Acetaminophen safe and effective for reducing postpartum pain 0 None
2010-03-16 Human amniotic fluid skin cells "reprogrammed" to pluripotency 0 None
2010-03-16 External beam radiotherapy device without shielded bunker infrastructure for breast cancer irradiation 0 5
2010-03-16 Mission Pharmacal, March of Dimes to distribute healthy pregnancy, healthy baby education materials 0 None
2010-03-16 Study reveals comparable fertility rates between UFE and surgical myomectomy 0 1
2010-03-16 FDA approves Irvine Scientific's Vit Kit-Freeze and Vit Kit-Thaw for cryopreservation of all stages of embryos 0 None
2010-03-16 National Breast Cancer Foundation receives over $0.5M as donation from ACE Cash Express and NetSpend 0 None
2010-03-16 Long-term tobacco dependence may affect memory and thinking in women 0 None
2010-03-16 Women who undergo yearly mammography screening have lower rate of palpable tumors 0 5
2010-03-16 Uterine fibroids: Promising new minimally invasive treatment using high-energy ultrasound waves 0 None
2010-03-16 Kisspeptin injections may help restore women's fertility 0 None
2010-03-16 Clinton delivers speech at U.N. women's meeting as conference closes 0 None
2010-03-16 New guidelines to emphasize safety of dental treatment during pregnancy 0 None
2010-03-15 Issues over abortion, reconciliation rules remain in the path of health reform vote 0 None
2010-03-15 Gardasil vaccine: Two complaints filed in Washington Federal Claims court 0 None
2010-03-15 Health on The Hill: March 15, 2010 0 None
2010-03-15 YM BioSciences: Two posters on nimotuzumab accepted for presentation at AACR 0 None
2010-03-15 Reducing collateral damage to excised tissue: Surgeons study device using radiofrequency energy 0 None
2010-03-15 Researchers discover microtentacles that play key role in spreading cancer to distant locations in body 0 None
2010-03-15 Buttocks enhancements: Silicone injections may lead to infections and disfigurement 0 None
2010-03-15 Painful periods at early age doubles risk of endometriosis 0 None
2010-03-15 Health bill update: Pelosi counting votes, Scott Brown lambastes Dems 0 None
2010-03-12 Medicare to cover OVA1 test 0 5
2010-03-12 UVA, Merck collaborate to discover novel drugs for women's reproductive health 0 None
2010-03-12 Louisiana ranks 46th on maternal mortality, records 15.9 deaths per 100,000 live births 0 None
2010-03-12 Democrats look for consensus on final health overhaul package 0 None
2010-03-12 Report shows District of Columbia stands 51st on maternal mortality ranking 0 None
2010-03-12 Maternal health care crisis in the U.S.: 15.8% of women in Georgia receive delayed or no prenatal care 0 None
2010-03-12 Pregnancy-related deaths increase in Michigan, Amnesty International report 0 None
2010-03-12 California ranks 35th in maternal mortality, records 11.3 deaths per 100,000 live births 0 None
2010-03-12 15.7% of North Carolina women receive delayed or no prenatal care 0 None
2010-03-12 Maternal health care crisis in the U.S.: Oklahoma ranks 39th on maternal mortality 0 None
2010-03-12 Death from pregnancy-related complications: Mississippi ranks 45th in Amnesty International list 0 None
2010-03-12 Penn-ICOWHI conference to examine how urban environments affect women's health 0 None
2010-03-12 Amnesty International report: One in five Arkansas women receives delayed or no prenatal care 0 None
2010-03-12 Maternal health care crisis: New Mexico records 16.9 deaths per 100,000 live births 0 None
2010-03-12 Shocking disparities in health care: Maryland ranks 48th on maternal mortality ranking 0 None
2010-03-12 Florida stands 41st on maternal mortality ranking with 13.1 deaths per 100,000 live births 0 None
2010-03-12 Flu infection during pregnancy may increase risk of schizophrenia in offspring 0 None
2010-03-12 Nebraska ranks 40th on Amnesty International's maternal mortality ranking 0 None
2010-03-12 Report shows 16.6% of women in Tennessee receive delayed or no prenatal care 0 None
2010-03-12 20.2% women in New Jersey receive delayed or no prenatal care 0 None
2010-03-12 Amnesty International: New York stands 47th on maternal mortality ranking 0 None
2010-03-12 Two Phase 3 studies of Sutent in advanced breast cancer fail to meet primary endpoints 0 None
2010-03-12 TechniScan utilizes NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in WBU system for diagnostic breast imaging 0 None
2010-03-12 Amnesty International: Office of Maternal Health need to be established to reduce maternal deaths nationwide 0 None
2010-03-12 Powerful Catholic quietly shaping abortion, health bill debate 0 None
2010-03-11 NHS to improve response to violence against women and children 0 None
2010-03-11 Illumina sequences DNA of American actress Glenn Close 0 5
2010-03-11 MEDNAX acquires Maryland Perinatal Associates 0 None
2010-03-11 First Edition: March 11, 2010 0 None
2010-03-11 Medela launches new website on breast feeding and insurance 0 None
2010-03-11 ADI’s 20-bit DAC enables superior image clarity, resolution, and contrast in medical imaging systems 0 None
2010-03-11 NIH panel recommends delivery options for women: VBAC or cesarean 0 None
2010-03-11 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Music Downloads store launched 0 None
2010-03-11 WHO and UN partners join hands to eliminate discrimination against women 0 None
2010-03-11 Cytokeratins 8 and 18 can strongly enhance breast cancer drug fulvestrant's anti-estrogenic activity 0 None
2010-03-11 GOP putting strategies in place to thwart Dems on reform 0 None
2010-03-10 Abortion holding up Democrats endgame on health overhaul 0 None
2010-03-10 Long-term use of bisphosphonates may adversely affect bone quality and increase risk of atypical fractures 0 None
2010-03-10 Adult female stress urinary incontinence: Uroplasty launches new endoscopic injection needle 0 None
2010-03-10 Young women with heart attacks at higher risk of dying in hospital than men 0 None
2010-03-10 Study: Hip replacement patients with MoM implants pass metal ions to their infants during pregnancy 0 4
2010-03-10 Risk-free psychological treatment can be better alternative to drugs in treating women with low sexual desire 0 None
2010-03-10 Obamas, Clinton commemorate International Women's Day 0 None
2010-03-10 Researchers take first step in development of vaccine against pregnancy-associated malaria 0 None
2010-03-10 Bilateral oophorectomy may do more harm than good 0 None
2010-03-10 OVA1 blood test aids in pre-surgical evaluation of women for ovarian cancer now available through Quest Diagnostics 0 5
2010-03-10 Opinions: Don't slow fight against HIV, TB, malaria; U.S. focus on women, girls 0 None
2010-03-10 Side-Out Foundation sponsors new advanced breast cancer clinical trial 0 None
2010-03-10 Availability of supermarkets increases risk of obesity for low-income women living in small cities: Study 0 None
2010-03-10 Stupak indicates abortion compromise possible for health bill 0 None
2010-03-10 March of Dimes to receive 2010 Paul G. Rogers Distinguished Organization Advocacy Award 0 None
2010-03-09 Dems discuss plans to advance health reform; Opposition steps up its game 0 None
2010-03-09 TechniScan commences study with WBU system for automated breast ultrasound imaging 0 None
2010-03-09 Study validates Chronix Biomedical’s serum DNA blood tests for early, accurate detection of breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-09 New article sheds light on the costs and benefits of screening for SMA 0 None
2010-03-09 ONE launches Women ONE2ONE campaign to increase opportunities for women live in extreme poverty 0 None
2010-03-09 Rush University Medical Center develops WISHFIT program to help pre-menopausal women reduce visceral fat 0 4
2010-03-09 ESRC Festival of Social Science to showcase baby-sign language event 0 None
2010-03-09 Bread for the World recognizes International Women's Day: Celebrate the achievements of women 0 None
2010-03-09 FDA invites "Little Women" to present research on dangers of HPV vaccines 0 3.5
2010-03-09 Elderly women over 70 have higher prevalence of cancer detected in second breast by MRI 0 None
2010-03-09 Moderately drinking women at lower risk of becoming obese than non-drinkers 0 None
2010-03-09 Chicago Female Condom Campaign: Educating women about HIV/AIDS and FC2 Female Condom 0 None
2010-03-09 Usage of gonadotropins in assisted reproductive technologies significantly improves outcomes 0 5
2010-03-09 Positive results from international study of Oncotype DX breast cancer RS 0 None
2010-03-09 Gender inequality killing millions of women in Asia, report finds 0 None
2010-03-08 HDI announces results of Rapid Maternal Mortality and Obstetric Fistula Prevention Project 0 None
2010-03-08 Exposure to BPA during pregnancy causes permanent abnormalities in uterus of offspring 0 None
2010-03-08 Democrats pressure Stupak on abortion; Split threatening health bill 0 None
2010-03-08 Positive Phase 2 data from Nektar Therapeutics' NKTR-102 study in women with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer 0 None
2010-03-08 MabCure closes private placement, converts bridge loan into equity securities 0 None
2010-03-08 Residential recovery program to aid women struggling with substance abuse 0 None
2010-03-08 mtm laboratories launches CINtec PLUS screening system for cervical cancer 0 None
2010-03-08 Pioneering 'brain-washing' treatment helps reduce disability in babies with haemorrhage 1 None
2010-03-08 Improvements needed in communicating cancer recurrence risks and treatment decisions with patients 0 None
2010-03-08 Christie Rampone and her husband Chris welcomed a baby girl into the world on Saturday 0 None
2010-03-08 LUNA Protein bar for women made with entirely natural and organic ingredients launched 0 5
2010-03-08 Women's community groups help reduce neonatal mortality rates 0 None
2010-03-07 Breast cancer patients with early stage disease may not benefit from radiation after mastectomy 0 None
2010-03-07 Dems point to insurance analysis to boost health bill; GOP argues against reconciliation process 0 None
2010-03-06 Get birth control get $300 cash: Controversial program that pays drug addicts and alcoholics 0 None
2010-03-06 University of Delaware psychology student wins NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award 0 None
2010-03-06 Obama administration proposes $715.7M for international FP/RH programs 0 None
2010-03-06 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2010-03-06 New guidance produced to help GPs identify symptoms of cervical cancer in young women 0 None
2010-03-05 Democratic division on abortion language in health overhaul jeopardizes chances for passage 0 None
2010-03-05 First Edition: March 5, 2010 0 None
2010-03-05 UC researchers find CT scan screening of non-smoking women is cost-effective 0 None
2010-03-05 Life Technologies, TGen, US Oncology collaborate to sequence genomes of triple negative breast cancer patients 0 None
2010-03-05 People with skin of color more prone to dermatologic problems than those with lighter skin tones 0 None
2010-03-05 Successful periodontal treatment reduces preterm birth risk 0 5
2010-03-05 U.N. Secretary-General, CSW mark International Women's Day 0 None
2010-03-05 Abortion language in health care bills continues to rankle both sides 0 None
2010-03-04 Columbia Laboratories to sell progesterone related assets and 11.2M shares to Watson Pharmaceuticals 0 None
2010-03-04 Macroplastique effective for stress urinary incontinence in women 0 None
2010-03-04 Using high-resolution CT-scans to screen for LAM is cost-effective in non-smoking women 0 None
2010-03-04 Philadelphia FRESH project: Door to door smoking cessation treatment for smokers with young children 0 None
2010-03-04 UNAIDS launches plan to address gender equality, HIV/AIDS 0 None
2010-03-04 Phase III GOG-212 clinical trial of CTI's OPAXIO for ovarian cancer: Enrollment to continue 0 None
2010-03-04 State Supreme Court weighs medical malpractice caps in case that would impact doctors, patients 0 None
2010-03-04 U.N. aid efforts lack coordination with local groups in Haiti, report says 0 None
2010-03-04 Cryoablation kills breast tumors in mice 0 None
2010-03-04 New federal guidelines on breast cancer screening: Stanford experts disagree 0 None
2010-03-04 Women face VA obstacles in treatment for war disorders 0 None
2010-03-04 White House unveils new health care legislation that leaves abortion funding intact 0 None
2010-03-04 Recurrence of breast cancer in older women: Delaying post-surgical radiation treatment increases risk 0 1
2010-03-04 Older women with suspected ovarian cancer 'face referral delays' 0 None
2010-03-04 Women who participate in sorority rush display body dissatisfaction and eating disorder behaviors 0 None
2010-03-04 Obama to include GOP ideas in health proposal today 0 None
2010-03-04 Prolonged use of HRT may increase risk of lung cancer 0 None
2010-03-03 Democrats seem to gain momentum on health reform, but face many obstacles 0 None
2010-03-03 First Edition: March 3, 2010 0 None
2010-03-03 CFAS supports the provision of publicly funded IVF and ICSI treatment across Canada 0 None
2010-03-03 UHSM uses Aruba Networks’ VBN solution to increase quality of antenatal services 0 None
2010-03-03 PINC trial to test anti-malarial drug in women with DCIS 0 None
2010-03-03 Harvard Professor urges medical community to use ultrasound for diagnosing acute female pelvic conditions 0 None
2010-03-03 Starting radiotherapy as soon as possible could minimise breast cancer recurrence 0 None
2010-03-03 U.N. meeting examines progress, challenges in achieving women's empowerment 0 None
2010-03-03 Bisphosphonates may lower risk of breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-03 Aurora Health Care establishes new clinic for treating chronic vulvar pain 0 None
2010-03-03 TechniScan launches clinical study to assess clinical utility of Warm Bath Ultrasound 0 None
2010-03-03 Shionogi, QuatRx Pharmaceuticals enter into worldwide license agreement to develop and market ospemifene 0 None
2010-03-03 Bisphosphonate drugs used to prevent osteoporosis may also help reduce risk of breast cancer 0 None
2010-03-02 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics receives Notice of Allowance on ICT-69 monoclonal antibody 0 None
2010-03-02 GOP, Dems continue battle over using 'reconciliation' to move health reform forward 0 None
2010-03-02 Prenatal cocaine exposure affects sustained attention and self-regulated behavior in children 0 5
2010-03-02 Clot-busting drug therapy after stroke beneficial for women 0 None
2010-03-02 My Little Miracle Essay Contest: Winners to receive education fund prizes to support their children's future 0 None
2010-03-02 Two-week U.N. meeting on gender equality kicks off Monday 0 None
2010-03-02 New class of breast cancer: Overexpression of LRP6 gene could be a potential marker 0 None
2010-03-02 States continue to wrestle with Medicaid spending, budget issues; Utah legislation would criminalize illegal abortion 0 None
2010-03-02 Foster Friess to make substantial contribution to fund ovarian cancer research at TGen 0 None
2010-03-02 Getting pregnant the "traditional" way or by assisted reproduction does not affect birthing process or the baby 0 None
2010-03-01 Study evaluates possible diet associations with ovarian cancer survival 0 None
2010-03-01 CUTCO Cutlery recommits to Go Red For Women movement for another year 0 None
2010-03-01 Childhood obesity prevention: Prenatal and infancy period upto age 5 crucial 0 None


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