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2011-01-31 Extreme morning sickness drug comes at a price 0 4
2011-01-31 Computer glitch gives two women all clear from breast cancer wrongly 0 None
2011-01-29 FDA reports possible association between breast implants, ALCL 1 None
2011-01-29 New feature: KHN's selection of thought-provoking magazine articles on health policy issues 0 None
2011-01-29 Hormonal therapy during menopause time may increase risk of breast cancer 0 None
2011-01-28 Men more distressed by type of infidelity that threatens paternity of offspring 0 None
2011-01-28 Onset of puberty influences bone strength 0 None
2011-01-28 Mothers satisfied with relationship during pregnancy are most satisfied 3 years later: Study 0 None
2011-01-28 Maternal deaths related to IVF are a key indicator of risks to older women 0 None
2011-01-28 U.N. Women Executive Director Bachelet launches 100-day 'action plan' 0 None
2011-01-28 One in ten pregnant Norway women consume organic food regularly 0 None
2011-01-28 Annual mammogram screening at younger age reduces breast cancer deaths 0 None
2011-01-28 Magnetic nanoparticles for ovarian cancer treatment 0 None
2011-01-28 Placental colonization by bacteria could lead to preterm birth and other developmental problems 0 None
2011-01-28 Aging-associated protein deficiency may lead to positive breast cancer in women 0 None
2011-01-28 Iniparib Phase III study in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer does not meet primary goal 0 5
2011-01-27 Gestational diabetes raises risk of diabetes and weight problems in babies: Study 0 5
2011-01-27 ASAPS supports new national registry for breast implants 0 None
2011-01-27 Research finds link between increased hygiene and higher rates of certain diseases in women 0 1
2011-01-27 How estrogen decreases risk and delays onset and progression of Alzheimer's disease 0 None
2011-01-27 Canadian PM, Tanzanian President open meeting to develop framework for $40b maternal and child health initiative 0 None
2011-01-27 U.S. FDA announces link between breast implants and ALCL 0 5
2011-01-27 ASPS, FDA collaborate to establish national breast implant registry 0 None
2011-01-26 ECCA and EDMA advance the EU health literacy debate 0 None
2011-01-25 P.I.C., Pink Ladies raise funds for Breast Cancer Care 0 None
2011-01-25 Middle-aged women could reduce risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering blood pressure 0 None
2011-01-25 U.N. commission to establish benchmarks for $40B maternal, child health initiative commitments 0 None
2011-01-25 New study finds disparities in chlamydia screening 0 None
2011-01-25 Researchers design engineered organ study the use of nanoparticles in breast cancer detection 0 None
2011-01-24 Breast and lung cancer: Shared risk and treatment 0 None
2011-01-24 Fat grafting safety review published; no increased risk of cancer 0 None
2011-01-24 In new Congress, Roe v. Wade anniversary draws out critics and defenders 0 None
2011-01-24 Women pregnant after egg donation are high-risk patients 0 None
2011-01-24 Family Research Council calls for legislative action and increased oversight of abortion clinics 0 None
2011-01-24 Tamoxifen may reduce individual's risk of death from lung cancer: New study 0 None
2011-01-24 Environmental contaminant levels in mother's body decrease during breast-feeding: Study 0 None
2011-01-23 Monogamy unpopular among young people: Study 0 5
2011-01-23 Australia’s Healthy Weight Week 0 None
2011-01-21 GOP anti-abortion bill introduced in House 0 None
2011-01-21 VIVUS holds End-of-Review meeting with FDA for QNEXA NDA 0 None
2011-01-21 Initiative to eliminate cervical cancer in North Carolina 0 None
2011-01-21 Opinions: GAVI; Haitian women; Clinton's foreign policy 0 None
2011-01-21 Routine mammograms can show arterial calcium deposits in women with ESRD, CKD 0 None
2011-01-21 Breast cancer patients having strong social support live longer 0 None
2011-01-20 ESHRE publishes position paper on intrafamilial medically assisted reproduction 0 None
2011-01-20 Breastfeeding can partially offset long-term side effects of cancer treatment 0 2
2011-01-20 AACE releases new medical guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis 0 None
2011-01-20 Oral contraceptives do not cause weight gain, says new study 0 None
2011-01-19 Surgeon General issues 'Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding' 0 5
2011-01-19 Patients with varied patchwork of genetic faults in tumours have worse outcomes 0 None
2011-01-19 Mothers with resolved grief following preterm birth more likely to have securely attached infants 0 None
2011-01-19 Study shows risky knowledge gaps, deficits in dietary supplements among pregnant women 0 None
2011-01-19 MD Anderson experts create plan to guide women on healthy behaviors 0 None
2011-01-19 Antioxidants may cause fertility problems in females 0 None
2011-01-19 Postmenopausal women receiving estrogen plus progestin at increased risk of breast cancer 0 None
2011-01-19 Research identifies childhood traumatic stress as potential risk factor for obesity in adulthood 0 None
2011-01-19 Researchers look at potential benefits, risks of exclusive breastfeeding during first 6 months of life 0 None
2011-01-19 Antidepressant medication reduces frequency and severity of menopausal hot flashes 0 None
2011-01-19 Modifiable and non-modifiable lifestyle factors influence breast cancer risk 0 None
2011-01-19 Daily Report's Global Health Conversations: U.N. Women 0 None
2011-01-18 Diabetes increases risk of death in breast cancer patients 0 None
2011-01-18 PMT treatment with essential oils: Study 0 None
2011-01-18 Women's Health Congress to explore mammography controversy 0 None
2011-01-18 Media look at what's ahead for South Sudan 0 None
2011-01-18 Study: Pre-menopausal Chinese-American women have greater bone strength than Caucasian counterparts 0 None
2011-01-18 USPSTF recommends women of ages 65 and above to routinely screen for osteoporosis 0 5
2011-01-17 Women with PCOS face high risk of type 2 diabetes due to aberrations in fat tissue 0 None
2011-01-16 Capsules with essential oils reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome: Study 0 2
2011-01-14 Advaxis receives DSMB approval to complete dosing in first leg of ADXS11-001 cervical dysplasia clinical trial 0 4.3
2011-01-14 Women's eNews examines launch of U.N. Women 0 None
2011-01-14 Banned chemicals found in pregnant women 0 None
2011-01-13 Family physicians often uncomfortable in discussing IUDs with patients 0 None
2011-01-13 FRC opposes designating abortion as means of pregnancy-prevention 0 None
2011-01-13 Study: Women with abnormal mammograms experience lower QoL and increased anxiety 0 None
2011-01-13 Robot-assisted surgery improves outcomes in uterine, endometrial, and cervical cancer patients 0 None
2011-01-13 Largest long-term examination of children's health and development in the US 0 None
2011-01-13 Preoperative Breast MRI accurately detects otherwise occult cancer 0 None
2011-01-13 Researchers launch estrogen therapy trial to study depression, cardiovascular illness in women 0 None
2011-01-13 BPA more harmful to women with hormonal and fertility imbalances 0 None
2011-01-13 Scientist develops FMR1 genetic blood test for predicting IVF outcomes 0 None
2011-01-12 K-V Pharmaceutical provides update on FDA review of NDA for Gestiva 0 None
2011-01-12 Offensive protein generated by HPV handicaps defensive protein made by the human body 0 None
2011-01-12 Doctors matter in treatment of breast cancer 0 5
2011-01-12 Ascension Health launches project to determine best methods to reduce or eliminate birth complications 0 None
2011-01-12 DNA blood test can help rule out Down's syndrome among high risk pregnancies 0 None
2011-01-12 WSJ: After years of decline, abortion rate rises 0 None
2011-01-11 How chlamydia increases risk of ectopic pregnancy 0 None
2011-01-11 FemmePharma completes FP 1097 Phase II clinical trial in women with OAB 0 None
2011-01-11 Mental health concerns for women 0 None
2011-01-11 Shady Grove Fertility and Cade Foundation grant help paralyzed patient and wife deliver healthy baby boy 0 None
2011-01-11 Basal-like breast cancer is equally aggressive disease in African American women and white women: Study 0 None
2011-01-11 Study identifies over 30 breast cancer gene targets involved in drug resistance to chemotherapy 0 None
2011-01-11 Fertile women gravitate toward males with masculine facial features 0 None
2011-01-11 Silicon microdevices may provide new way to screen metastatic breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-01-11 MSU researcher believes pregnancy unmasks predispositions to cardiovascular disease 0 None
2011-01-11 New guidelines for accurate diagnosis, effective ethical treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis 0 None
2011-01-11 LibiGel may be the first FDA approved product to treat HSDD in menopausal women 0 5
2011-01-10 Close pregnancies increase autism risk: Study 0 None
2011-01-10 Male circumcision helps reduce rates of HPV transmission to women, study finds 1 None
2011-01-09 Specific silicon microdevices may provide new way to screen metastatic breast cancer cells 0 None
2011-01-07 Majority of U.S. adults strongly support innovative programs to discourage teen pregnancy 0 None
2011-01-07 Hologic announces acquisition of Interlace Medical 0 None
2011-01-07 New York Times examines bureaucracy at U.N. 0 None
2011-01-07 Athersys completes patient enrollment in MultiStem Phase I study for leukemia 0 None
2011-01-07 Get examined during National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month 0 None
2011-01-07 Viveve's non-surgical vaginal laxity treatment receives European CE mark 0 None
2011-01-07 Better monitoring, new techniques reduce anesthesia-related maternal deaths 0 None
2011-01-07 Research provides new insights into eating disorders in Native Americans 0 None
2011-01-07 Elevated fat and cholesterol levels in diet may play a role in breast cancer development 0 None
2011-01-06 Problems reported with Implanon contraceptive implant 0 3
2011-01-06 Study shows clinical benefits of iniparib in combination with standard chemotherapy for triple-negative breast cancer 0 None
2011-01-06 Pros and cons of weight loss surgery in men and women 0 None
2011-01-06 Violence against mothers increases risk of death among female children in India: Study 0 None
2011-01-06 NCCN Guidelines provide treatment information for patients with melanoma, prostate and ovarian cancer 0 None
2011-01-06 Study compares treatment cost of PID hospitalizations, ER care for teen girls 0 None
2011-01-06 Sanofi-aventis announces publication of positive BSI-201 phase II results for breast cancer 0 None
2011-01-06 Researchers say women with multiple sclerosis have more HLA genes than men 0 None
2011-01-06 Winter depression is more common in women than men 0 None
2011-01-06 Reproductive biologist achieves major breakthrough in IVF technology 1 5
2011-01-05 Americans unaware of what they eat 0 None
2011-01-05 Child's epilepsy diagnosis impacts mother's mental health and family environment 0 None
2011-01-05 Study shows adolescents who were breastfed at birth have stronger leg muscles 0 5
2011-01-05 Low-radiocarbon nutrition permanently reduces genetic damage to brain cells 0 4
2011-01-05 Increased amounts of MMP-1 enzyme may explain preeclampsia symptoms in pregnant women 0 None
2011-01-04 The Surrogacy Lawyer discusses role of yoga in helping women cope with infertility 0 None
2011-01-04 Revolutions Medical reworks exclusive license with Traxyz for breast biopsy localization system 0 None
2011-01-04 Personality characteristics impact psychological recovery after breast cancer treatment 0 None
2011-01-04 Chest: January news briefs 0 None
2011-01-04 Late-preterm infants often treated as developmentally mature, when not 0 None
2011-01-04 Peptide in blood and tissue inhibits growth of breast tumors 0 None
2011-01-04 Depression and diabetes linked to increased risk of death from heart disease in women 0 1
2011-01-04 First whole genome sequence of Parsi breast cancer woman 0 None
2011-01-03 Mothers can play a key role in convincing college-aged women to receive HPV vaccine 0 None


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