Sarcoidoza simptome

Sarcoidoza este o boală sistemice care pot afecta orice organ. Simptome comune sunt vagi, cum ar fi oboseala neschimbate de somn, lipsa de energie, pierderea in greutate, musculare şi dureri, artrita, ochi uscat, umflarea genunchi, neclare vision, dificultăţi de respiraţie, o tuse de hacking uscată sau leziuni pielii.

Sarcoidoza şi cancer poate imita unul pe altul, ceea ce face dificil de distincţie.

Cutanate simptome variază, şi variază de la erupţii cutanate şi noduli (umflaturi mici) la eritem nodosum sau lupus pernio. Acesta este adesea asimptomatice.

Combinația de eritem nodosum, limfadenopatie hilar bilaterale și artralgie este numit "sindromul Löfgren''. Acest sindrom are un prognostic relativ bună.

Renale, hepatice (inclusiv hipertensiunea portal), implicarea inima sau creier pot provoca simptome suplimentare şi modificate funcţionarea. Sarcoidoza care afectează creierul sau nervii este cunoscut ca neurosarcoidosis.

Sarcoidoza cardiace

Deși implicarea cardiace este prezent în 20-30% din pacienţi cu sarcoidoza, doar aproximativ 5% pacienţi cu sarcoidoza sistemice sunt simptomatic.

Prezentarea sarcoidoza cardiace poate varia de la conducta asimptomatice anomalii la aritmie ventriculare fatale. Sarcoidoza miocardic poate fi o cauza rare de moarte subită cardiace.


Manifestări în ochi includ uveită, uveoparotitis şi inflamaţie retinei, care poate duce la pierderea acuitatea vizuală sau orbire.

Sistemul nervos

Combinaţia dintre treimea uveită, parotitis, VII nervilor cranieni paralizie şi febră este numit pestei uveoparotid, şi este asociat cu '' Heerfordt-Waldenstrom sindrom ''. ()

Sistemul nervos central este implicată în mai puţin de 1% dintre pacienţii cu sarcoidoza. Există de obicei granulomatous implicarea meningele bazale care afectează ulterior nervilor cranieni. Myelopathy poate fi prezentarea iniţială clinice de intramedullary neurosarcoidosis.


Sarcoidoza de scalp prezinta cu pierderea parului difuz sau sporadice.

Lecturi suplimentare

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Last Updated: Feb 1, 2011

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  1. Judy Moyers Judy Moyers United States says:

    My husband died of Sarcoidosis 3 years ago. The only actual tests that the pulmonary dr.s did was the biopsy of the lungs from going down the throat. He was told that he had bronchitis and allergies and was sent home with inhalants and antibiotics. This went on for about a year. He was going in to work one morning and went straight to the hospital instead. The Dr.s said he would be observed for 24 hours and would be sent home. His oxygen levels kept the alarms going off and him without sleep. After a week and him getting worse, they did decide to do a biopsy from his side. They told me he would be out in a couple of hours but would have to have the breathing tube in his mouth until he breathed on his own. They did the surgery on a Saturday, I begged them to hurry and get the results sooner than they had predicted. He never woke up, the diagnosis was of course Sarcoidsis. We got the results after he was in a coma. The specialists didnt run exrays. About 3 months earlier I had my Internal medicine Dr see him he ran exrays. The report from the radiologist was half a page long and it involved a lot of terms like granulomas, masses, hardening of some parts of the lungs and several other mortifying things. When we took the report with the exrays to the experts and I should tell you that there were 2 different dr.s in the same office that had seen my husband. when the Dr came in he said that it was good news as it wasnt cancer. He said as usual that it was bronchitis and allergies that was the cause of his problem and sent us home with some sample packs of meds. and antibiotics. It wasnt long before my husband died. There is more but it doesnt matter. I just wanted you to know that was out story on Sarcoidosis. I am glad for the research that is being done. I sent all of money that was given to me when he died to the cause of this research. I am glad that some progress has been made.  I dont know that you would want to contact me for any reason. But if you do then my email address is
    Thank you for your time,  Judy

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