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老年痴呆是与脑子和其功能的拒绝的能力相关几种症状的组合。 可能有在认为,内存、认知、语言技能、了解和判断的拒绝。

随着时间的推移人们以老年痴呆恶化并且可能有问题控制他们的情感或工作情况。 他们在做出可能需要他们的系列、朋友或者照料者帮助决策。 他们可能最终变得无动于衷对他们的周围。 老年痴呆的原因在对脑子的结构的故障在。


老年痴呆是一个公用情况。 在英国有居住以老年痴呆的 570,000 个人。 年长人口的在使用年限的上升和增量人数以老年痴呆预测在下三十年期间上升。

通常老年痴呆在是 65 或的人发生。 在这个下面 40s 很少诊断。 由年龄的 80 大约一个在五受影响,并且 1 在 3 个人在英国将有老年痴呆,当他们中断的时候。 老年痴呆是轻微公用在妇女比人的。


老年痴呆可能是 100 个不同类型。 有些包括:

  • 老年痴呆症是小的丛蛋白质,叫作匾,开始在脑细胞附近的地方开发。 这可能随着时间的推移导致内存严重损失。
  • 另一个类型是有在供血的问题对脑子的血管老年痴呆。 脑子不接受足够的氧气。
  • 与 Lewy 机体的老年痴呆是小的异常结构,叫作 Lewy 机体,开发在脑子里面老年痴呆的另一份表单。
  • Frontotemporal 老年痴呆说发生,当前面和颞叶 (脑子的二部分) 时启动收缩。 这在单个可能发生在 65 岁以下。 它比老年痴呆的其他类型少见。



许多其他病症可能导致老年痴呆。 这些可能包括病毒感染例如 HIV、古兹菲德-克雅氏病、慢性大量酒精入口、亨廷顿疾病、累进 supranuclear 麻痹和正常压脑水肿、多发性硬化症和运动神经元疾病。


没有治疗老年痴呆。 在多数患者症状随着时间的推移恶化。

复核在 4月 Cashin-Garbutt 前, BA Hons (Cantab)


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Last Updated: Sep 2, 2013


  1. Abrar Ahmad Abrar Ahmad Islamic Republic of Pakistan says:

    Let me briefly tell you that there are multiple forms of dementia - alzheimer’s disease being the most common one that accounts for 40 to 75% of dementia cases and is the sixth leading cause of death in United States. Additionally, dementia and its types have common signs with some variations. Let’s start with the most common signs of dementia most commonly seen in patients at the early stages of the disease. They start experiencing subtle memory loss, mood instability such as immediate occurrences of maniac (laugh) and depression (sadness) episodes, and have trouble with listening and explaining things to other people, communicational obstructions to be exact. They also segregate their selves from social gatherings and unions, face difficulty in performing daily chores and also experience muscle impairment. Additionally, some people fail to converse with other people because they fail to keep up the pace and comparatively take longer to process the coming words and repeat the same question over and over again. Most of the cases showed that, dementia patients start segregating their selves and start living alone because they could not keep up with the lives of normal people. They just are not up for the adaptation to change. In one of the form of dementia, which is Lewy Body dementia, probable signs appear to be sleeplessness. Patients experience insomnia which leads to mood swings. It has been seen that they fail to keep tracks of roads and lose their tracking skills as well. In case of Alzheimer’s, a patient the most common signs are memory loss and forgetfulness. In some cases, it has been observed that people with Alzheimer’s segregate their selves from others. Additionally, they experience complete memory loss and trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships, lack the judgement skill and a complete withdrawal from work or social activities. One most commonly observed is the forgetfulness and inability to retrace steps. There is another type of dementia called Parkinson’s characterized as uncontrollable movement of body parts such a shaking limbs and fingers. It has been observed that patients experience writing and speech changes, their ability to respond fails badly and they lose posture and balance. One of the common sign is bradykinesia characterized as slow body movement. One thing to keep in mind before labelling someone as a dementia patient is that forgetfulness and memory loss do no really mean a person has dementia because memory loss and forgetfulness are a normal parts of aging. But if any severity has been observed in these signs, a patient definitely requires a professional advice and consultation. There is no cookie approach to cure dementia but if you observe such changings or signs in your loved ones do not take it for granted before it gets too late.
    Reference: http://bit.ly/2e5hYgU

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