Essential oils have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria

Published on December 21, 2004 at 11:03 AM · 8 Comments

Essential oils usually used in aromatherapy have been found to kill the deadly MRSA bacteria according to research carried out at The University of Manchester.

Tests revealed that three essential oils killed MRSA and E. coli as well as many other bacteria and fungi within just two minutes of contact. The oils can easily be blended and made into soaps and shampoos which could be used by hospital staff, doctors and patients in a bid to eradicate the spread of these deadly `super bugs'.

Researchers are now desperately looking for funding to develop their work and carry out a clinical trial. Peter Warn from the University's Faculty of Medicine who worked on the research said: 'We believe that our discovery could revolutionise the fight to combat MRSA and other `super bugs', but we need to carry out a trial and to do that we need a small amount of funding ' around £30,000.

'We are having problems finding this funding because essential oils cannot be patented as they are naturally occurring, so few drug companies are interested in our work as they do not see it as commercially viable. Obviously, we find this very frustrating as we believe our findings could help to stamp out MRSA and save lives,' added Peter, who is based at Hope Hospital.

Essential oils are chemical compounds found within aromatic plants, which the plants use to fight off infections. Researchers tested 40 essential oils against ten of the most deadly bacteria and fungi. Two of these oils killed MRSA and E. coli almost instantly, while a third was shown to act over a longer period of time, meaning that any soaps or shampoos made by blending these three oils would be effective over a period of time.

Jacqui Stringer who is Clinical Lead of Complementary Therapies at the Christie Hospital instigated the research and said: 'The use of plants in medicine is nothing new but some people regard the use of essential oils as unconventional. Our research shows a very practical application which could be of enormous benefit to the NHS and its patients.

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  1. Ankur Tandon Ankur Tandon India says:

    Rose Oil is also highly effective of treating dermatitis and other skin related problems. The researches has been done on treatment of leprosy using rose oil.

  2. diana rothang diana rothang United States says:

    OK, aren't you going to tell us which oils?

    • Tara Tara United States says:

      My son had mrsa at 11 months, went into surgery, was misdiagnosed with staph for several months. I use a diffuser with Oregano oil.

  3. amanda amanda United States says:

    Well? Which oils are used?

  4. Uchechukwugaeme Uchechukwugaeme Nigeria says:

    What are the Essential Oils used on the MRSA and others?

  5. H. CORRELL H. CORRELL United States says:

    Of course they won't tell you what oils. They are trying to patent these 3 oils so they can charge more for them. Lemongrass, Tea Tree, & Oregano have worked for me as well as adding Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark and Frankincense.

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