Dairy milk is singled out as the biggest dietary cause of osteoporosis

Published on September 12, 2005 at 5:46 PM · 32 Comments

Dairy milk is singled out as the biggest dietary cause of osteoporosis because more than any other food it depletes the finite reserve of bone-making cells in the body.

So although milk makes bones stronger in the short term, in the long term it erodes bone-making cells, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. This explains a paradox: black people are known to be less tolerant to lactose in milk, and consequently they drink less milk, yet they get much less osteoporosis than white people. This new research resolves the paradox because by consuming less milk you are less likely to get osteoporosis.

Growing evidence is showing that calcium in milk does not protect against osteoporosis. For example in a 12-year Harvard study of 78,000 women, those who drank milk three times a day actually broke more bones than women who rarely drank milk. Similarly, a 1994 study in Sydney, Australia, showed that higher dairy product consumption was associated with increased fracture risk: those with the highest dairy consumption had double the risk of hip fracture compared to those with the lowest consumption.

Author Russell Eaton says: 'Dairy milk does increase bone density, but this comes at a terrible price. The latest research is showing that far from protecting bones, milk actually increases the risk of osteoporosis by eroding bone-making cells. Also, people with osteoporosis have a much higher incidence of heart disease and cancer, and the evidence is pointing at milk as the common factor. '

It had been thought that prostate cancer was caused by harmful fats in the diet, but this may not be so. Calcium and phosphorus in milk serve to feed nanobacteria, causing calcification and cancer.

It seems that harmful calcification, caused by nanobacteria in the body, is at the root of many diseases such as arthritis, kidney stones, heart disease and stroke. These microscopic organisms get fed calcium and phosphorus from the bloodstream and then secrete calcium phosphate to cause calcification. In the book The Milk Imperative the author shows how dairy milk feeds nanobacteria, thus causing many serious diseases.

Commenting on the book Dr. Amy Lanou (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, USA) said: ‘There is a compelling argument that today’s pasteurized milk, in all its guises, has virtually no redeeming features at all, and serves only to cause disease and poor health. By simply switching from dairy to non-dairy milk we will make a dramatic and long-lasting improvement to our health.’

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  1. Eve Eve United States says:

    I'm trying to find more info on this "paradox" as Asians are more prone to developing osteoporosis and yet many Asians are lactose intolerant so they do not usually consume much dairy...

    • Josh Josh United States says:

      Are you saying drinking the white lactate from an artificially pregnant female cow utter is healthy or even good for you? I would certainly like to see that research on the Asian community and osteoporosis...

    • Leah Leah New Zealand says:

      Milk formula companies are popular in Asia, so Asians don't drink full milk, they drink processed powdered milk.

    • Sarah Sarah United States says:

      Japan had extremely low rates of osteoporosis prior to World War II. When Americans went over and brought their diets with them, Japanese citizens began drinking more milk and are now drinking it at comparable levels to Americans, causing a relatively recent increase in osteoporosis along with many other American diet causing diseases.

    • David Avid David Avid United States says:

      It is not "milk" (the article seems to refer to industrialized bovine milk, though they do not cite the sources nor do they identify the "type" of milk the people in the study were ingesting, and they don't mention raw goats milk) but what we have done to these animals before we have extracted/collected the milk.... raw milk has more nutrients, enzymes and minerals than almost any other digestible substance currently available for human consumption...just ask a baby, if you don't know one I can ask one for you in about 5 months Smile ... though we can achieve many of it's benefits through maintaining a highly energized diet of fresh! and fermented! raw! fruit, vegetables and legumesSmile!!!

      • Debora Bresch Debora Bresch United States says:

        Because cow"s mill is the perfect food for calves, not human babies.  Unfortunately, we literally rip cow babies away from their mommies so we can poach the milk nature meant for them (at least to the extent that nature is involved given that we also forcibly impregnated the mommies to get this whole benighted process going.

    • David Avid David Avid United States says:

      First time on this site and didn't mean for my post to show up as a reply of to your postulated paradox Smile

  2. Carol Shipley Carol Shipley United States says:

    I gave up dairy totally when I watched several films about the dairy industry. At 65, I don't hear my bones snapping in two for lack of cow's milk. I don't have to worry about being lactose intolerant. Human beings do not need animal milk. We have at least 8 types of vegetable based milk alternatives, and they have calcium as well as b 12.I cringe when I see people picking up a gallon of "bovine secretion" at the store.

    • Robert Cotterman Robert Cotterman United States says:

      I feel sorry for them. I realize how lost they are, but I also wonder how the majority of them don't spend the time to learn the dangers of it. and Why they just live life killing themselves.

    • Nicholas Halley Nicholas Halley Ireland says:

      Hi Carol, Me and my son watched Gary Yourofsky "The best speech you will ever hear" He gave up cows milk and went on soya, i don't eat dairy or meat myself, as the fellow said why eat the middle man when you can have all the amino acids in plants, as we make our own protein from amino acids.  When we eat dairy and meat protein we is break it  back down into amino acids for our bodies to use and it makes our blood acidic,  and to get our blood ph back right it takes calcium and phosphate out of our bonds, So it,s the calcium going out you need to watch out for!.  Check out Moringa and see how good it is.

      • Sandra Haywood Sandra Haywood United Kingdom says:

        My advice here is to make sure you only take organic soya.

        • o
          Gaura Priya Glick Gaura Priya Glick United States says:

          Only fermented soy is really any good. Tofu is a processed food & clogging to digestion. All veggies have some protein, nuts , nut butters, hemp, quinoa & others to name a few.

  3. Antonella Sagone Antonella Sagone Italy says:

    I did not eat milk or dairy products in the past 11 years. Last year doctors evalued my bones in Xrays and scintigrafy and said (I'm 56 yr old) that they looked as "ten years younger".

  4. Randy Randy United States says:

    What's really scary is that there are so few comments because know one knew the answer to 5 + 3... *boom tish* lol.

    Just kidding, but anyways, I'm confused about what it its exactly that causes the deterioration of the bones. If it's the calcium in milk that is supposed to do it, wouldn't that apply to Calcium in general, which is found in thousands of products as an intentionally fortifying ingredient?

    This article isn't the first I've heard about milk not being so good for you, but there seems to be a bunch of "details" left out that make the statement being made here very vague.


    • JohnAtl JohnAtl United States says:

      A study I read (conducted by the dairy industry, oops) said that dairy protein is very acidic, and in order to counter that acidity and bring the pH up, the body uses calcium from the bones.
      I don't recall that study mentioning destruction of osteoblasts (bone forming cells), but it was conducted a while back, and there may be new data now.
      I wish articles like this would cite the original papers.

  5. Joan Joan United States says:

    About 15 years ago I heard that tests were done that found a lot of calcium in the urine of people that drank cow's milk...leading to the idea that in order for the human body to process the milk, calcium was drawn from the bones, so there must be sources of good calcium and sources of bad calcium (such as cow's milk).  Any website to verify this old information?

  6. Craig Craig United States says:

    @ Randy:  What's scary? "know one knew" -- and you're laughing at at other people's intelligence even though there is no indication anyone had trouble with the math.  Go figure.

    There is plenty of evidence favoring milk consumption.  There doesn't appear to be a clear conclusion either way, but most research is pro milk.  Do your own pubmed search and form your own opinion

  7. Dr.Deepak K Tibrewal Dr.Deepak K Tibrewal India says:

    Human being are the only kind who after stopping their own mother's milk start with other animal's mother's milk ! yet, we suffer from all kind of bone issues: so much in the name of bone health - calcium in milk theory !!

  8. Seija Seija Finland says:

    The plentiful consumption of milk and other dairy products is probably also one of the leading causes of high diabetes (and osteoporosis) numbers in Finland.

  9. Chris Harnish Chris Harnish United States says:

    I find Dr. Lanou's comments far to sweeping and possibly taken out of context. I can show plenty of research that refutes this article. While I have not read the book, the article failed to cite a single piece of research to support any of these claims. Further, just look at the fact that humans have been drinking milk for at least 1000's of years, but the rise in osteoporosis is relatively recent. Plus, the single greatest factor influencing all our ill health is physical in activity, not milk. CVD? Yeah, physical inactivity, again. Personally, I would recommend you save your money and just go for a walk!
    Chris Harnish, MS
    ESP Podcast

  10. petergwyoung Young petergwyoung Young United Kingdom says:

    Well after reading all the comments here i must say i am totally confused......

  11. Caroline Mansfield Caroline Mansfield United Kingdom says:

    No confusion. Milk is acidic, too much milk will cause the body to release calcium from the bones to bring the pH back to normal range. Sure, we have been consuming milk for many years, but more so in the last 100 years due to the Amercican diet influences.  And don't forget that it is all now pasteurized and not raw. This makes a huge difference. Also the calcium in milk is not as bio-available to the bones as the calcium in green vegetables such as kale is for example. This is another factor that needs to be considered.  And yes lack of exercise also plays a role in the modern day diseases as much as consuming too much milk.  You are all right. All your points are valid.

  12. Stuart Walsh Stuart Walsh United Kingdom says:

    The article doesn't appear to share its references, which makes me suspicious. I would like to find out more.

  13. Vedrana Vujica Vedrana Vujica Bosnia and Herzegovina says:

    To me it's silly to even discuss whether the cow's breast milk is healthy for humans or not - it's not intended for humans and that's all there is to know.

  14. Andy C Andy C Sweden says:

    As Stuart Walsh says, where are the references?
    The article is pure speculation and opinion if it's not referenced to serious clinical studies.
    My mother, who is soon to be 83 years, has been drinking a lot of milk all her life, has fallen badly in her home lots of times during the last 5 years or so, but never broke any bones even so. This makes me believe that milk doesn't play any role - or only a microscopic role compared to genetic heritage.
    Whether milk is "intended" for humans or not, is irrelevant. It's a comment you often see in this kind of debate, but it's a rich source of many nutrients and that's it. By the way; Is any plant "intended" for humans?

  15. Nigel Singleton Nigel Singleton United Kingdom says:

    Based on this theory - the majority of anti acid tablets should be banned then as they are Calcium based? Was this test run using a blind clinical trial group, were other dietary factors monitored to ensure the sample group had the same diet apart from milk.
    It is impossible to make the assumption based on one dietary product.

  16. Rachael Austin Rachael Austin Australia says:

    I would like to see the difference in those who drink raw milk (not pasteurized and not homogenised) and those who drink UHT (ultra heat treated) and pasteurized/homogenised milks. I would hypothesize that raw milk is much better than the adulterated milks.

  17. Noemi Perez Noemi Perez United States says:

    Only baby cows drink milk when they are babies !! and then they do not drink milk any MORE,only humans keep drinking the milk!!! and yes that's why we have some much sickness in this world!! watch what we put in our bodies!!! we will be more healthy!! I did quit lots of foods that was making me sick!! I'm talking by  my own experience !!!!

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