5424 / 5424 R Microcentrifuge from Eppendorf

The Centrifuge 5424 R is a versatile and powerful 24-place centrifuge that sets new standards in Eppendorf’s philosophy: Silence, Speed and Simplicity.

Product features of Centrifuge 5424 and refrigerated 5424 R

  • Very compact size
  • Very silent operation, even without the rotor lid
  • Low access height – for easy loading and unloading of the centrifuge
  • Can be equipped with four different rotors
  • Available in 2 versions – rotary knob version that provides quick parameter setting, or keypad version for easy cleaning
  • Rotary knobs for fast and easy setting of parameters
  • Foil version for easier cleaning of the front panel
  • Automatic lid opening following centrifuge run – prevents sample warming (can be optionally deactivated (only 5424))
  • Separate Short-spin button – for fast and convenient quick spins
  • SOFT-brake to protect delicate samples