The latest innovation in portable pH measurement, the 826 pH Mobile meter features an alpha sample ID, storage capacity for up to 200 sample data any time, anywhere and an easy-to-use, one-button operation for wireless communication to a printer or a computer.

With a measuring resolution of 0.001 pH, up to three-point calibration and buffer recognition, this hand-held meter brings a high-quality pH measurement system to any environment. GLP compliance functions, as well as timed pH measurements with custom time intervals, provide you with advanced measurement functions in the field.

With the Metrohm Primatrode™ IP67, the 826 pH Mobile can withstand submersion in water and still function normally. In addition, its modern materials allow it to float!

Product Features

  • Wireless IrDA communication with printer and computer or LIMS
  • One-button operation for easy measurements, data storage and printing
  • Text prompts for no “error” operation
  • Modern design and high-quality materials for easy handling
  • Internal memory for storing 200 measuring values, including date, time and identification