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The ADVIA® Chemistry XPT System provides timely, reliable results with continuous operation to meet the chemistry workloads of the most demanding laboratories.

  • Delivers high throughput of up to 2400 tests per hour.
  • Manages comprehensive testing with a menu of more than 115 assays.
  • Improves workflow using automation and system technologies such as micro-volume and aliquot retention.

Features & Benefits

The ADVIA® Chemistry XPT System is engineered for continuous operation and timely, accurate results—supporting you to reach your full potential today and be prepared for tomorrow. With an advanced user interface that is easy to use and VeriSmart® Technology to support accuracy of testing, the ADVIA Chemistry XPT System predictably and consistently delivers timely, reliable results to meet expanding workloads.

Simplified, Continuous Operation

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  • Simplify operation and training with the intuitive, icon-driven user interface.
  • Extend walkaway times with concentrated reagents that provide high test capacity onboard.
  • Quickly load most system fluids on the fly.
  • Automate calibration, QC, startup, and shutdown.

Consistent, Predictable Turnaround Time and Accuracy

  • Offer a comprehensive chemistry menu of over 115 assays, including general and specialty chemistry, DAT, TDM, and specific proteins.
  • Push productivity with a throughput of up to 2400 tests per hour (1800 photometric, plus 600 ISE).
  • Control testing: STAT and specialty samples can always be front-loaded while an automation track is running.

Designed for Automation

  • Adapt and grow with direct connectivity to Siemens Aptio® Automation and ADVIA® Automation Solutions.
  • Simplify your laboratory operations with connectivity to IT solutions including CentraLink® Data Management System, Atellica™ PM Software, and Siemens Remote Service (SRS).
  • Increase productivity and efficiency with direct-from-track sampling and onboard aliquoting that allows samples to be immediately released to the next workstation.

Do More with Less

  • Reduce blood-draw requirements with micro-volume technology that uses a single 30 μL sample for up to 15 tests.
  • Eliminate sample callback with automated, pre-programmable dilution, reflex, and rerun testing that uses an onboard aliquot.
  • Improve workflow and accuracy with VeriSmart® technologies that perform hardware and software checks at all stages of sample processing.