The Swiftlock range has increased chamber sizes compared to the Top Loading range and features advanced options not available on the smaller autoclaves, including Heated Jackets, Integral Steam Generators and Simple/Advanced Vacuum Options.

The versatility of the options able to be applied means that the autoclaves can be manufactured to the customers' specific requirements. As standard, the autoclave is fitted with heaters in the base of the chamber and can be used for sterilizing liquids (media), discard, glassware and other instruments.

The Swiftlock Autoclave Range Features

  • A fully programmable Touch Screen Color Controller
  • Timed/Pulsed Free Steaming
  • An Electro Polished Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Holdwarm / Delayed Start Feature
  • Full Range of Options & Accessories
  • Ultra Quick Swiftlock Door Mechanism
  • An external pressure gauge, cooling lock, safety valve test and emergency stop button


  • A fully programmable Color Touch Screen controller
  • 316 stainless steel electropolished chamber
  • Temperature range of 100 °C to 138 °C (0.2 - 2.4 Bar)
  • External Fan Cooling
  • USB interface for downloading controller data
  • Safety valve test and emergency stop button
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Ultra quick Swiftlock door mechanism