Acclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 Analytical HPLC Column Thermo Scientific

The Thermo Scientific Acclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 Analytical HPLC Columns feature a long-chain alkyl group with a hydrophilic polar terminus, for separating a wide range of polar and nonpolar molecules.

Although RP silica columns (e.g., C18 and C8) are widely used for small molecule separations, they are not suitable for retaining or separating highly polar compounds. HILIC columns can retain polar compounds that are unretained by RP chromatography, with additional benefits including selectivity complementary to RP columns, enhanced sensitivity for MS detection, and simplified sample preparation procedure. However, since traditional HILIC columns (e.g., unmodified silica, cyano, amino, diol phases) have hydrophilic surfaces, they are incapable of separating small molecules via hydrophobic interaction. By comparison, the Acclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1 column provides superior chromatographic properties and supports a broader variety of applications compared to conventional diol columns.


  • Operate in both RP and HILIC modes
  • Retain highly polar molecules unretained by RP columns
  • Unique selectivity complementary to RP columns
  • Superior performance compared to conventional diol-based columns