The AdVantage provides a small benchtop freeze dryer for scientists who require both manifold and tray-type freeze drying. Shelf temperatures as low as -55C and condenser temperatures to -85C supportsa wide range of applications. The one-shelf Advantage is available in bulk or stoppering, with aluminum alloy cast shelf and an internal condenser.

Key Features & Benefits

Key Features

  • Compact, bench-top design
  • Easy scale up from the AdVantage Plus to larger pilot scale freeze dryers
  • Clear acrylic door for easy product viewing during processing
  • Stoppering or bulk configurations
  • On-board Wizard controller

Key Benefits

  • Choice of refrigeration package allows you to configure a system to meet your own needs
  • Manifold and tray type drying in a single unit
  • Easy install, requires standard laboratory utilities
  • Accommodate a wide array of products with shelf temperatures to -55C and condensers to -85C