Advanced, Comfortable Monitor for Blood Pressure

Kinetik Wellbeing’s Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort is their most comfortable blood pressure measurement system. The BPX2 Comfort takes measurements at a gold standard of accuracy and provides readings on an easy to understand display. The system allows patients to take blood pressure measurements that they can be confident in from the comfort of their home.

The system is equipped with Morning Hypertension Detection and Irregular Heartbeat Detection which alerts users as to when they should seek professional medical advice, and also prompts users for regular blood pressure measurement with its Advanced BP Alert Reminders

As high blood pressure often has no visible symptoms the most reliable way of regularly assessing blood pressure is with the X2 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor. The monitor also has enough memory for 3 different users, meaning the entire family can use the system.

What is Unique About the Comfort Cuff – What Makes It so Special?

All of Kinetik Wellbeing’s blood pressure measurement systems are designed to take rapid blood pressure readings during the inflation of the cuff, meaning pressure is relieved rapidly and pressure on the arm is reduced. The cuff is one size fits all and the comfortable design makes blood pressure measurement as effortless as possible.

The cuff is pre-formed, allowing users to place the cuff into position using just one hand; making blood pressure measurement easy for everyone.

Key Features

  • Can store 60 readings each for 3 different users
  • Provides average readings that follow BHS guidelines
  • Can detect irregular heartbeats
  • Quick to use with operation at the push of a button
  • Measurement during inflation to minimize discomfort

3 Step Setup

  1. Set up the cuff and then connect it to the blood pressure measurement system
  2. Whilst sitting in an upright position, position the cuff on the upper arm level with the heart
  3. Press the start button and measurement takes place


  • Kinetik BPX2 Comfort Blood pressure monitor & Universal cuff (22-42 cm)
  • 3 x AAA batteries
  • Get started guide
  • Instruction manual

Clinically Validated - Class IIa Medical Device

The measurements taken by the Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor X2 Comfort are of scientific relevance. The system follows European medical device regulations and is classed as an IIa Medical Device meaning users can be confident of the system’s quality.

Price Match Promise

Kinetik Wellbeing wants to give their customers the best possible value on their systems. For this reason, if customers see their systems available at any other retailer for a lower price, Kinetik Wellbeing will be happy to match this.

A Healthy Partnership

St John’s Ambulance, the UK’s primary charity first aid provider, and Kinetik Wellbeing has partnered on a range of health monitoring and management systems. These include systems to monitor blood pressure and take temperatures, as well as health kits, and allergy and pain relief.