Advanced Performance Moisture Analyzers

The MB120 Advanced Performance Moisture Analyzer from OHAUS, enables measurements of higher standards.

The MB120 can be easily operated and cleaned. The analyzer delivers reliable precision and functionality to users. Within a short period of time, users can test more samples.

Sophisticated features such as a temperature guide, enable the analysis of optimum drying temperature. Measurements can be statistically analyzed, since methods and results can be stored. Data safety is ensured by three levels of user management — set-up and lock temperature settings, as well as method parameters with administrator access.

Features of MB120

  • A wide range of applications is supported by the advanced functionality.
  • The efficiency is improved by halogen heating, thus ensuring more rapid results.
  • The intuitive menu provides step-by-step instructions for applications of any kind.




MB120 Product Details

Applications — Determining percent solid, determining percent moisture, weighing, and determining percent moisture regain

Display — 4.3″ TFT color touchscreen display

Operation — Power cord (incorporated)

Communication — RS232 with GLP/GMP data output, USB Device, and USB Host (incorporated)

Construction — ABS top housing, stainless steel pan support, metal base, stainless steel pan handler, halogen heat source, and in-use cover

Design features — Four drying profiles (standard, fast, ramp and step), user guide, seven shut-off criteria (timed, manual, autofree mg/second, autofree %/second, A30, A60, and A90), storage of up to 100 methods and 1000 test results for all methods, 13 operational languages, heating temperature range of 40 °C to 230 °C (in increments of 1 °C)

OHAUS Moisture Analyzers - MB120 MB90 Video (EN)