The i8-M20 is the first in the line of specialist “M” incinerators from Inciner8, which are optimized for medical waste disposal. The addition of a steadfast PLC control panel, I.D. fan, and increased insulation enhances performance and offers overall suitability for many types of clinical, medical, pharmaceutical, and hazardous waste streams.

This unit benefits from a secondary chamber with an afterburner for the re-burn of harmful emissions, with a retention time of 2 seconds.

Typical medical waste applications

  • Blood banks/collection
  • Dental/cosmetic clinics
  • Infirmaries/hospitals
  • <150 bed medical facilities
  • Nursing homes

All the incinerators are hand-built in the United Kingdom by time-served fabricators and welders

The award-winning design team at Inciner8 is always available to provide their advice and technical know-how to ensure your project gets off the ground without delay. The company can also help users with the preparation of planning or permit applications where needed.

Technical specifications

Source: Inciner8 Limited

Operational Specs
Combustion Chamber Volume (m3) 0.18 m3
Burn Rate* up to 20 kg per hour
Average Fuel Consumption 7 - 9 ltrs p/h
Operational Temperature >850 °C
Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber 2 secs
Temperature Monitoring Yes
Average ash residue (%) 3%  
Thermostatic Device Yes
Physical Specs
External Length (mm) 1070 mm
External Width (mm) 660 mm
External Height (mm) 4310 mm
Door Size (mm) 490 x 490 mm
Shipping Weight 1230 kg

For reference only, not to be used for installation purposes. * All burn rates are dependant on the calorific value of the waste being incinerate. Atmospheric conditions,fuel (gas/oil) quality, additonal accessories (autoloader, de-asher) can also have a major impact on actual burn rates.