The AireGard™ ES (Energy Saver) NU-126 Vertical Laminar Airflow Workstation creates a clean-air environment needed for laboratory or pharmaceutical procedures. Ideal for use with a thermal cycler, centrifuge, preparations of IV Admixture, Antibiotics, or other drugs.


The AireGard™ ES (Energy Saver) NU-126 Vertical Airflow Workstation is a workstation that is intended to be used where a sterile environment is required for the preparation of injectable drugs, intravenous (IV) solutions, tissue culture, optics and more.

The workstation creates a clean air environment suitable for laboratory and pharmacy procedures. The NU-126 is designed to have vertical airflow around objects on the work surface and horizontal outflow out of the work surface, which helps combat contamination and keeps both lab technicians and products safe. The workstation is also designed so that it is easy to be used in conjunction with a centrifuge, thermal cycler and more.

Safety Features

AeroMax™ Electronic Control System

To keep both products and you in the lab safe, the AireGard™ ES NU-126 Vertical Airflow Workstation is equipped with an AeroMax™ Electronic Control System. This electronic control system is controlled by a microprocessor that can monitor plenum pressure. If there is either high airflow or low airflow in the work zone, the system notifies lab workers with both visual and audio alarms.

True Laminar Airflow Over Work Surface

The NU-126 workstation was designed with laminar airflow over the work surface to protect products. To minimize the possibility of cross-contamination while working, the NU-126 has airflow along parallel flow lines in the work zone, and this helps to reduce the turbulence in the air and keep products safe.

Standout Technology and Design

Ultra-high Efficiency EC Motor

The AireGard™ ES NU-126 Vertical Airflow Workstation is equipped with an ultra-high efficiency EC motor. The motor that powers the workstation offers the highest amount of effectiveness with the lowest energy possible. This means that you can decrease your energy bills and increase your filter life -- ultimately lowering the total cost of owning the workstation.

Two Cord Pass Through

The AireGard™ ES NU-126 Vertical Airflow Workstation was designed with a two cord pass through, in both the left and right sidewalls. This makes room for a power cord for equipment such as a thermal cycler for PCR.


Work Surface Configuration

Part Number Description
M413 Nevamar Work Surface
M414 Stainless Steel Work Surface

Built-in Options

Part Number Description
E109 Ultraviolet Light (115 V)
E59 15 Amp Type B Outlet (3 amp max) (115 V)
M01 Service Valve (Qty 1)
M181 Seismic Studs
M262 IV Bar w/ 6 Hooks
M291 Magnehelic Gauge