Analytical Balance for the Laboratory - Series 390 0.01 mg

The 390 Series from Precisa transforms weighing with advanced technology, easy usage, and stunning design to match all modern laboratory settings.

With a range of features and customization, all models of the 390 Series include 7″ anti-reflective touchscreen displays, electronic precision level display, low-weighing pan height, and user management ideal for use in GLP/GMP settings.

Users can construct their balance with the features and applications that are most applicable to their day-to-day needs. Precisa’s team can help with the selection of the right model to match users’ needs.

There are four types of Precisa 390 models: HF, HE, HA, HM, each with unique functions and in-built accessories.

Features Common to All Four Model Series

  • User management — icon-driven user management offers control, security, and compliance to GLP/GMP requirements in controlled settings
  • Large color touchscreen with icon-driven interface to offer balance operation and menu control
  • Self-linearization system — automatic modification and relinearization option can be activated by variations in the balance environment or manually by the operator if needed
  • Latest draftshield design with frameless glass windows offers a barrier-free view and easier access to the weighing chamber
  • Low-weighing pan height allows user-friendly operation while weighing specifically in confined spaces such as laminar flow cabinets or other constrained areas.
  • Removable glass to allow for preparation to clean within seconds — glass parts, all weighing pans, and other components can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Electronic precision level — visual display on color touchscreen to allow easy visualization of balance level and realignment if needed
  • On-board help — there is no need to search for the manual or locate a pdf on a PC, with the onboard help function allowing easy access to help according to the users’ current balance mode
  • Apps — weighing applications can be easily incorporated into the 390 Series without requiring expensive upgrades or intervention of an engineer, thus future-proofing users’ balance for future needs and applications

Additional Features on HF and HA Models

  • Automated draftshield: Touchless sensors and silent motor readily offer touch-free opening/closing of the balance draftshield. The sensors can also be configured for operations like the extent of draftshield opening, tare and triggering zero.

Additional Features on Premium HF Model

  • Ambient Observation System (AOS): When there are changes in the weighing environment because of humidity, temperature, and/or pressure variations, the AOS System can carry out automatic readjustment of weighing parameters to ensure ideal results.
  • Static electricity eliminated using the integrated Electrostatic Cancellation System (ECS) to rapidly and completely neutralize electrostatic charges that may exist on the precious sample.