AutoLumat LB 953 Multi-Tube Luminometer from Berthold

The automatic tube luminometer AutoLumat is an unique instrument for the measurement of bio- and chemiluminescence applications

  • Reporter Gene assays
  • ATP monitoring
  • luminescent immunoassays (LIA)
  • enzyme measurements
  • cellular luminescence / oxidative burst

Up to 164 samples placed in a chain can be measured once or sequentially many times over a long period.


Peltier-cooled detector

Peltier cooling of the detection unit ensures extremely low and stable background noise resulting in unsurpassed sensitivity.

Variable volume injectors

Based on the proprietary JET injection technology up to 3 injectors combine high speed and reliable mixing of reagents with outstanding precision. The injected volume can be adjusted within the range 25 to 300 µL. The materials used are able to withstand even corrosive substances which are often used in chemiluminescence assays.

Temperature control

The tube compartment of the instrument can be temperature controlled making the AutoLumat the instrument of choice for cellular luminescence assays.


The user can choose to control the instrument via the built-in software or the PC software Tubemaster.

  • single measurement
  • Dual measurement (e.g. dual reporter gene assays)
  • kinetic measurements
  • cut-off protocol
  • immunoassay (LIA, ILMA) evaluation