Automated Monochromator M266 from Solar

The M266 is a compact, versatile, high performance instrument for use as a monochromator and/or true flat field spectrograph. It has excellent throughput and low stray light. 

Two automatically switched output ports allow two detectors to be simultaneously attached to the M266, and the whole system can be controlled from a PC via only one USB-cable of High-Speed USB interface. 

The M266 is fully automated. Tell it what gratings, filters, slit widths and detector ports need to be selected and it will change them automatically for you.

The M266 software is intelligent and very simple to use. It enables scans to be taken with multiple grating, filter and detector changes from the UV to the IR with the resulting panoramic spectrum to be displayed, printed, and saved for further analysis. Different other possibilities for spectra processing such as intensity calibration, peak tracer, spectra calculator, axonometric spectra etc. are also provided.

The M266 can give you the service and applications support you need, in order to achieve the total potential from your instrument.


  • High throughput
  • Full computer control via RS232 or High-Speed USB2.0 interface  
  • 2 automatically switched output ports for detector/exit slits installation 
  • Possibility of simultaneous control over the M266 and detectors via one USB-cable 
  • Automatically controlled turrets of diffraction gratings and filters
  • Adjustable slits with micrometric and automatic drives
  • Automatically adjusted shutter for dark signal measuring