Users can improve efficiency, decrease errors, and save hands-on time by automating general liquid handling procedures with the Flex Aliquoting Workstation. Users can automate a variety of tasks with Flex, including cherry-picking, normalization, pooling, reagent aliquotting, serial dilutions, and tube-to-96-well-plate sample aliquotting.

This workstation is suitable for the following tasks:

  • Normalization
  • Pooling
  • Sample and reagent aliquoting
  • Serial dilutions
  • Cherry picking

Components: Source: Opentrons

Component Quantity
Opentrons Flex Robot 1
Opentrons Flex 1-Channel Pipette (5-1000 µl) 1
4-in-1 Tube Rack Set 4
32 Tube Rack for 15mL Tubes N/A
Opentrons Flex Filter Tip, 1000 µL (20 racks) 8
Opentrons Flex Filter Tip, 1000 µL (20 refills) 1
NEST 12-Well Reservoirs, 15 mL (50 count) 1
NEST 2.0 mL Microcentrifuge Tube (500 count) 1
NEST 96-Well Plate, Flat (100 count) 1
Remote Protocol Development, Simple Workflows 1


This workstation includes Remote Protocol Development, with the option to upgrade to Onsite Protocol Development.

The following add-ons are available to users at 9–10% discounts to customize the Flex Aliquoting Workstation to their workflow:

  • Opentrons Flex Gripper
  • Opentrons Flex 1-Channel Pipette (1–50 µL)