Nucleic acid workstation PANA9600S for easy automated extraction

PANA 9600S from Xi’an Tianlong Science and Technology is an automatic nucleic acid workstation that is built according to the principles of magnetic beads method and rotary nucleic acid extraction technology. 

This workstation combines the workflow of sample loading, sample information scanning, PCR system setup, and nucleic acid extraction, making the experiment easy to start and significantly saves time for professionals. Using compatible nucleic acid extraction kits, the required nucleic acids can be extracted successfully and quickly from different sample types, which include serum, whole blood, and plasma, swab, and urine for specific downstream applications.

Automated nucleic acid workstation—PANA9600S

Image Credit: Xi’an Tianlong Science and Technology

Automated nucleic acid workstation—PANA9600S

Image Credit: Xi’an Tianlong Science and Technology

Automated nucleic acid workstation—PANA9600S

Image Credit: Xi’an Tianlong Science and Technology


  • Reliable results that can be depended upon: Experimenters only require one step to start the extraction — which reduces manual error and ensures high purity nucleic acid — using magnetic bead-based extraction kits with pre-filled design.
  • More efficient extraction process: When Libex collocates with pre-filled extraction reagents,32 nucleic acid samples for COVID DNA can be extracted within 15 minutes (extraction time varies from reagent to reagent). 
  • More convenient with two configurations:
    • APP control configuration: Cloud-enabled control via Android tablets/smartphones;
    • Standalone configuration: Machine keypad operation.
  • Efficient contamination control measures: Cross-contamination can be reduced using unique sample cross-contamination control system and UV disinfection function.
  • Simple and remarkable software: With the Android-based convenient software, a protocol can be established and started with just a few clicks on a phone or tablet. The intuitive and user-friendly interface also makes it easy for first-time users.

Key Parameters:



Sample Capacity


Technical Principles

Magnetic beads method; Rotary nucleic acid extraction technology

Processing Capacity

Information scanning and nucleic acid extraction of 96 samples per run; 4 different PCR system can be set up

Sample Types

Plasma, serum, whole blood, swab, and urine, etc.

Sample Loading Channels


Liquid Level Detection

CapSense/Gas pressure sensor

Sample Tubes

Compatible with all types of blood collection tube, 1.5mL and 2.0mL centrifugal tubes, freezing tubes, and sample loading cups, etc.

Temperature Control

Lysis and elution, temperature flexible to control between 35℃ and 120℃

Information Tool

Barcode scanning for reagent identification;

visualized consumable recognition

PCR reagent chamber

Avoid light design; power-on automatic refrigeration (4-15℃)

PCR consumables

Compatible with 0.1mL, 0.2mL 8 strip tube, and 96-well plates

Packaging Information

1370mm(L)*810mm(W)*890mm(H); 220kg(net);

12-inch touch screen, muti-module real-time status monitor