The SAT 600 available from AMS Alliance is a new, completely automatic floor stand analyzer with a comprehensive throughput of 600 tests per hour for Clinical Chemistry and Immunoturbidimetric assays.

The SAT 600 analyzer integrates the most advanced technology for sample management with a novel, exclusive design that ensures reproducible and precise results

Washable cuvettes including an integrated wash and control station offer a reduced running cost and lower risk of contamination. Apart from automated analysis, SAT 600 also provides automated system quality control.

The completely automated SAT 600 analyzer comes with new easy-to-use software developed for touch screen computers with wireless control potential.

Thanks to its user-friendliness and minimal operating condition needs, the SAT 600 analyzer is the perfect choice for all cost-efficient laboratories.

System description

The SAT 600 is a novel system that provides the Clinical Chemistry Laboratories with impressive new technology. It is a completely automatic, floor standing, random access, reflex testing analyzer for immunoturbidimetric and clinical assays.

Assay types

End point, Differential, Kinetic, Fixed Time, Bichromatic and Immunoturbidimetric, up to 999 tests, all user programmable.


The SAT 600 analyzer enables 600 tests per hour to be carried out, including ISE (Na+, K+, Cl+).

Reagent on board

  • 5 removable racks
  • Up to 100 reagents can be stored, which are refrigerated
  • 100/50/25/5 mL containers

Sample loading

  • Two independent racks/carousels (20 x 5) enable continuous loading of samples
  • Up to 100 samples can be stored on-board (cups and/or tubes measuring 10–16 mm)
  • Barcode reader
  • Execution of STAT sample can be performed any time

Sampling process

  • Shock sensor
  • 3 sampling arms
  • Users can assign up to four different reagents to each method
  • Liquid level sensor (capacitive)
  • Users can program each reagent volume from 3 to 350 µL

Reading system

  • Photo-diode array technology with 9 wavelengths
  • Direct reading with Reference Channel
  • Linear from 0.0001 to 4.200 Abs.
  • Three additional positions provided to include optional filters (up to 800 nm)

Reaction plate

  • Automatic washing of cuvettes
  • 85 cuvettes divided into 5 racks
  • Incubation temperature control at 37 °C +/− 0.3 °C
  • Cuvette quality is continuously monitored
  • Separate waste lines simplify management of hazard disposal


  • Reagents barcode reader
  • ISE module for Na+, K+, Cl+ with fluid pack reagents


Touch panel computer


  • Extremely flexible—developed for either touchscreen or keyboard
  • Touch screen method
  • Remote assistance service
  • Intuitive access concept
  • Reflex testing
  • Automatic startup and shutdown
  • Automated pre/post concentration/dilution

Installation requirements

  • Water consumption of less than 7.0 L/hour
  • Electric consumption of less than 700 Watt
  • Power supply of 90–250 VAC, 47–63 Hz


Width x Depth x Height: 96 x 70 x 120 cm.


115 kg


  • Relative humidity of 20%–85%
  • Room temperature: 18 °C–30 °C
Automatic Floor Stand Analyzer—SAT 600
Automatic Floor Stand Analyzer—SAT 600

Automatic Floor Stand Analyzer—SAT 600