Autonomous cell imaging with WiScan Hermes 24/7

The Hermes 24/7, inspired by customers, sets a new bar for ease and portability in fully automated, image-based experimentation.


IDEA Bio-Medical designed, built and supported the Hermes 24/7, which combines a robotic arm for completely automated sample manipulation with a WiScan Hermes high content imaging system on a specialized cart.

The robotic arm can connect to liquid handlers, stackers, or incubators to provide completely automated scanning with a sole manipulator and imager.

Designers intended to empower labs to use current equipment to improve their capabilities while minimizing the amount of important lab space consumed when creating the latest Hermes 24/7 automated system. A cart with a footprint of only 110 × 84 cm (43.3 × 33 inches) and a height of 155 cm (61 inches) supports the sample manipulator and WiScan Hermes.

The dedicated cart is transportable, allowing the users to make the most of available lab space. For accurate repositioning, Hermes 24/7 can feature a fixed floor-docking mount. Users can disconnect the system from other equipment, including a liquid handler, and then re-dock it without having to re-integrate it.

With push-button programming the system independently:

  • Acquires high quality images on the WiScan® Hermes automated high content screening system
  • Analyzes acquired images using WiSoft® Athena automated image analysis software
  • Incubates plates in a built-in plate stacker which accommodates up to 20 plates under incubation conditions (37 ºC, 5% CO2)
  • Loads & unloads plates for imaging
  • All external sources supported – Incubators, liquid handlers, stackers
  • Produces presentation-ready results display using multiple visualization tools (scatter plots, histograms, heat maps, time graphs, dose curves, etc.)
Hermes 24/7- Fully autonomous imaging system

Hermes 24/7- Fully autonomous imaging system. Video Credit: IDEA Bio-Medical Ltd.