AxioCam HR Microscope Camera from Zeiss

The highest-performance camera is used to analyze the processes in the fields of pathology and developmental biology. The results are documented with the best color reproduction and with every detail retained. Two switchable read-out speeds satisfy every requirement on the scale between high resolution and speed. They considerably expand the possible applications of this camera.

Complete color information at every pixel

A moving sensor evaluates every detail in the red, green and blue channels. Color fringes at fine structures and edges, which occur when using cameras with a fixed sensor, are therefore avoided. Tissue discolorations can be interpreted quickly and reliably with 42 bit RGB color depth and a dynamic range of up to 1: 2500.

Complete color information for all details

A digital 1-chip color camera normally uses a sensor with a color mask. When acquiring a single image with this camera, each pixel only receives the color information for red, green or blue in one place. Missing color information has to be determined by means of interpolation from the neighboring pixels. This leads to images with disruptive color fringes and distorted colors at fine structures.

The patented color co-site sampling technique of the AxioCam HR always supplies complete color information for every pixel. In combination with the resolution-enhancing microscanning process, this allows you to acquire brilliantly sharp color images in extremely high resolution.