AxioCam MR Microscope Camera from Zeiss

Low-intensity fluorescences, living organisms and the finest color graduations– the image quality of the AxioCam MR clearly exceeds that of other monochrome and color CCD cameras.

With a dynamic range of more than 1:2200, the highly sensitive 2/3” CCD sensor acquires up to 14 images per second in full resolution. You can then process and publish the images using the AxioVision imaging software provided.

For applications in fluorescence microscopy, we recommend the AxioCam MRm monochrome variant – for maximum resolution without color interpolation and without a light-reducing filter mask.


  • Highly sensitive 2/3" CCD image sensor
  • Dynamic range of 1:2200
  • 3x12 Bit color depth
  • Fast live image with up to 31 frames/second
  • Expanded spectral range
  • Near infrared sensitivity
  • Higher resolution and more sensitive due to image sensor without filter mask