AxioCam MRc 5 Microscope Camera from Zeiss

Outstanding image quality for a wide variety of requirements in medicine and biology. With the AxioCam MRc 5, advantage of 12 different acquisition modes can be taken and up to 5 megapixels resolution for images. Thanks to the dynamic range of 1:1300 and the 36 bit RGB color depth, the images can be produced with perfect color accuracy even when faced with substantial differences in brightness or reflective surfaces.

Mobile and fast

Connect the AxioCam MRc 5 with a single cable to the standard FireWire interface of the desktop or notebook. Control the complete image acquisition via this 400 megabit high speed connection and process the images instantly on the computer.


  • 5 Megapixel resolution
  • Interlaced and progressive readout
  • 12 different capture modes
  • Binning from 1x1 to 10x10 for increased sensitivity
  • Dynamic range 1:1300
  • Fast live image with up to 14 frames/second
  • Large field of view and low noise due to 2/3‘‘ CCD
  • Standard FireWire interface
  • Trigger In/Out signal for control of external components
  • Complete imaging software with measuring functions