The BIOSTAT® Cplus is a Sterilizable-In-Place (SIP) Fermenter | Bioreactor developed for the cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures. Culture vessels with operating volumes of 5 l, 10 l, 15 l, 20 l and 30 l are available. With more than a thousand installations worldwide, the BIOSTAT® Cplus is the most successful stainless steel bioreactor of its class and is now available in the revised 3rd generation with DCU controller.


  • Cost-effective integration into existing infrastructure, choice between electro or steam heating for operation and sterilization
  • Powerful DCU automation platform with newly added functions, e.g. “advanced DO controller,” gravimetric feed control and up to four mass flow controllers
  • Compact, mobile design saves valuable laboratory space
  • Safe to use due to maintenance-free agitator motor and automatic sequences for sterilization and pressure hold test


  • Process development for: vaccine, recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody production, biofuels and the production of secondary metabolites
  • Process strategy development in batch, fed-batch, continuous or perfusion operation
  • Scale-up and scale-down experiments
  • High cell density fermentation
  • Suspension cultures and adherent cell culture with micro carriers
  • Cultivation of filamentous organisms