BRANSIST Alexa Type F12 Angiography System from Shimadzu

The BRANSIST alexa incorporates all Shimadzu's technical expertise to provide the solution. It features a flat panel detector (FPD) with a field of view able to cover the entire body to support cardiovascular and angiographic procedures.

True Multipurpose System Supports Interventions

A 12×12-inch field size FPD, a special SUREengine high-speed image processing engine for interventions, cardiac function analysis software realtime DSA and roadmapping are provided as standard.

Optimal 12×12-Inch FPD for Multipurpose Applications

The field size is switchable in five steps, to a maximum of 12×12 inches. The 4.5-inch minimum field size supports cardiovascular and neuro-interventions.

Pursuing Lower Burden on Patients

The BRANSIST alexa incorporates various functions to reduce the X-ray exposure dose in order to alleviate the burden on the patient during time-consuming interventions.

Shimadzu's Unique RSM-DSA

Shimadzu has applied its expertise in high-speed image processing to provide realtime subtraction applications that lower the X-ray exposure dose, reduce the volume of contrast medium, and eliminate the need to restrain the patient.

A reduction of the exposure dose to one-third and the volume of contrast medium by one-half (in comparison with DSA using Shimadzu I.I. systems)in the lower extremity region.

Tube Focus Backup Function

If a failure occurs in one of the tube focal spots, the system will automatically switch over to the second focus point allowing uninterrupted continuation of the procedure.

Intuitive C-Arm Operation

To support advanced medical intervention, the controller on the BRANSIST alexa allows rapid and intuitive operation of the C-arm, similar to an extension of the operator's body.

Six-Axis Triple-Pivot Construction Offers Full Body Cover

The six axes of the C-arm and arm base provide stable C-arm rotation, a wide coverage range and a spacious work area.

Use the C-arm Controller That You Prefer

Two types of C-arm controllers are available:Selecting the controller you are familiar with allows immediate, stress-free operation.

Stress-Free Performance

The BRANSIST alexa, with its state-of-the-art multiprocessor, parallel processing and dynamic image referencing during fluoroscopy offer superb performance.

Dynamic Reference for Image

Observations During Fluoroscopy

Dynamic referencing offers parallel display of fluoroscopic images and dynamic images.

Highly Efficient High-Speed Parallel Processing

The system incorporates multiprocessor technology providing parallel processing.