BRANSIST Safire VB9 Slender Angiography System from Shimadzu

Shimadzu, a pioneer in angiography systems using direct-conversion FPDs, has developed a big-plane system that produces even higher quality images and ensures interventional procedures are safe and smooth.

The ultra-high-definition images provided by safire's direct conversion technology are outstanding for rendering fine blood vessels in the head, as well as showing clearly all guide wires, microcatheters, coils, and other sensitive devices.

And installation of our new image processor SUREengine has made it possible to improve quality even further.

Perform advanced-level treatments (interventions) using slender C-arms that, together with this system's ultra-compact design, ensure easy positioning during bi-plane operation, together with a multiprocessor-equipped digital system for fast response.

Direct Conversion Provides outstanding Image Sharpness

To render micro-vessels and devices clearly, the design of this system's direct-conversion FPD uses extremely small pixels of just 150µm.

BRANSIST safire's clear rendering of micro-vessels and sensitive devices used for interventional procedures provides a powerful tool for examinations and treatments.

Ultra-High-Definition Real-Time DSA

A direct-conversion FPD makes ultra-high-definition real-time DSA possible and can be applied not only to intervention procedures in head regions, but the entire body as well, including the chest and extremities.

Flexible Positioning to Suit the Technique

Although the BRANSIST safire is floor-mounted, it can perform examinations on all areas of the body thanks to the world's first triple-pivot design (3 axes), located at the base of the frontal arm. Transverse coverage is up to 140 cm so there is no need to move the patient or pivot the tabletop, even for catheter approaches or when imaging the wrist and arm.

Positioning that allows approaches from the head are effective for cerebral examinations and for pediatric examinations.