Multisizer 4 Particle Counting and Sizing Instrument from Beckman Coulter

The Multisizer 4e, the latest COULTER COUNTER designed with the SMART and DPP technologies, offers highly accurate and reliable particle counting and sizing.

Count and size particles and cells as small as 0.2 microns

The Multisizer™ 4 is the newest member of the COULTER COUNTER product family and the latest advancement in a long line of particle counting and sizing instruments. Since 1956, when the first COULTER COUNTER Model A was released, there have been 52 years of successful innovation using the Coulter Principle, making Beckman Coulter one of the leading companies in particle characterization today.

The Multisizer™ 4 features the latest advances in digital technology and user-friendly software controlled by an external PC using Microsoft Windows*-based software. High-speed digitalization of the signal allows the use of various pulse parameters for more accurate particle characterization. Its unique digital pulse processing provides dynamic size measurements in real time. The data can be stored for additional analyses and reporting at a later time with no need to analyze the sample again.

The users of the Multisizer™ 4 will enjoy a higher resolution technology for sizing and counting particles and cells. The use of Smart Technology for sample management of the Multisizer™ 4 ensures reproducibility, while EZAccess, a new reagent management system, provides easy handling of reagents and waste. The software enables compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

All these features combined make the Multisizer™ 4 one of the most reliable, accurate and user-friendly instruments available on the market and a valuable tool in Quality Control and R&D for both industrial and life science applications.

Key Features

  • Digital Pulse Processor (DPP)
  • Dynamic size measurements
  • Provides number, volume, mass and surface area size distributions in one measurement
  • Overall sizing range of 0.4 µm to 1600 µm
  • Increased dynamic range
  • Increased resolution
  • Proven technology
  • Superior instrument design
  • Quality assurance friendly
  • V-Check (IQ, OQ, PQ) instrument validation

Industries and Applications

The Coulter Principle has been used to characterize thousands of different industrial and biological particulate materials. There are over 6,000 bibliographic references using the Coulter Principle. Here we list a few examples:

Industries   Applications
Cell Biology   Monitoring changes in cell size (volume), Cell Size Distribution and Cell Counting
Food Industry   Yeast and Bacteria cell counting and size distribution
Electronics Industry   CMP (chemical mechanical planarization)
Photo Copy Industry   Ink and Toner size monitoring and distribution
Abrasive Industry   Grit size monitoring and distribution
Filtration Industry   Filtration efficiency monitoring
Environmental Monitoring   Monitoring of sub-visible particulates USP 788