The SAT 450 available from AMS Alliance is a completely automatic, random access analyzer built to enable modern laboratories to realize lesser rerun, better cost-efficiency, and manual handling.

The analyzer follows stringent quality system procedures and is strictly compliant with regulatory agency requirements, thereby offering high-quality results.

System description

Random access, completely automatic, continuous loading, benchtop open analyzer for immunoturbidimetric, and clinical chemistry assays.

Assay types

Kinetic, endpoint, fixed time, differential, immunoturbidimetric, and bichromatic assays are available. The analyzer enables up to 999 tests, where all tests are user-programmable.

Reagents on board

Users can place up to 72 reagents into the refrigerated compartment of the SAT 450 analyzer, which can be distributed on:

  • 4 removable racks
  • 8 additional positions for 5 mL containers
  • 50/20/5 mL containers can be loaded

Sample loading

  • Continuous loading of samples, controls, and calibrators enabled by 4 universal, individual racks
  • STAT sample execution is permitted any time
  • 8 additional positions for STAT samples, controls, and calibrators
  • Up to 15 cups and/or tubes with a diameter of 10–16 mm and a height of 40–100 mm are provided in each rack


Users can perform up to 420 tests per hour, which include I.S.E. (280 photometric tests per hour).

Reading system

  • Dual-channel photometer, direct reading
  • The minimum reading volume of 200 μL
  • 9 narrow-band, automatically chosen interferential filters of 340, 380, 405, 492, 510, 546, 577, 620, 690
  • A 6 V/10 W halogen lamp
  • High resolution (0.0001 Abs.)
  • Linear from 0.0001 to 4.200 Abs.

Sampling process

A single mechanical arm carries out all sampling operations using:

  • Automatic probe washing
  • Liquid level sensing (capacitive)
  • Shock sensor
  • Sample volume range of 2.0–99 μL (increments of 0.25 μL)
  • Sample pre-dilution
  • Sample post-concentration
  • Sample post-dilution
  • Reagent pre-warming
  • Volume range of Reagent 1 is 2.0–348 μL (increments of 1 μL)
  • Volume range of Reagent 2 is 2.0–330 μL (increments of 1 μL)
  • Volume range of Reagent 3 is 2.0–330 μL (increments of 1 μL)

Reaction plate

The reaction plate can hold 80 cuvettes divided into 4 racks, each containing 20 cuvettes. The reaction plate carries out the following operations:

  • Continuous cuvette quality monitoring
  • Automatic cuvette washing
  • Incubation temperature control at 37 °C ± 0.3 °C


  • Positive barcode readers for samples and reagents (code 128, code 39, codebar, code 2 of 5 interleaved)
  • I.S.E. module for Na+, K+, Cl (140 tests per hour) with fluid pack reagents