BioFlo 510 Sterilizable Fermentor from Eppendorf

BioFlo® 510 Fermentors is intermediate systems ideal for pilot through production applications. Compact systems fit on the bench or on optional mobile skid. A modular design and wide variety of standard and optional components provide the flexibility to customize these systems to meet your process requirements.

Standard Features

  • RPC (Reactor Process Control ) Software
  • Top-Mounted Drive with Double-Mechanical Seal
  • ASME/CE Electropolished Vessel
  • Baffles (Standard on BioFlo 510 Fermentation System)
  • Load Cell
  • Bright, 15” Industrial Color Touchscreen Controller
  • 3-Fixed Speed Pumps
  • User-Definable, Pressure Hold Sequence
  • User-Definable, Sterilization Sequence Program