BioSpec-mini UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

The BioSpec-mini spectrophotometer accurately measures protein concentration, allowing normalisation of sample concentrations prior to electrophoresis, an essential step before choosing a gel staining method, and later analysis by mass spectrometry.

Protein samples of a known concentration can be measured automatically to create a calibration curve, equation and R2 value; samples of an unknown concentration can then be measured directly, and the BioSpec-mini will display the protein concentration as well as absorption figues.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Simple, easy and rapid DNA, RNA and protein quantitation using intuitive software design and tool driven graphics on a large LCD.
  • Protein quantitation using any of Lowry, BCA, CBB(Bradford), Binret and UV absorption(280nm)method is selectable.
  • Minimum sample requirement using a 5uL cuvette for nucleic acid quantitation.
  • Nucleic acid quantitation mode supports dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA, oligo DNA, oligo RNA.
  • User-friendly utility software supports calculations of nucleic acid molecular weight, molar absorbance coefficient(ε), and Tm (melting temperature of double strand DNA or RNA) prediction by the nearest neighbor base pair model.