BioTek's 405 TS Microplate Washer

The 405 TS Microplate Washer features the new patented* Verify™ technology, which runs an automated QC check for manifold tube blockage, and visually reports any failed wells.

The patented Ultrasonic Advantage™ can then be used to automatically and thoroughly clean the aspirate and dispense manifolds.

The 405 TS, with the unique Verify and Ultrasonic Advantage features, overcomes the common problem of undetected washer manifold clogging which can lead to assay failure. The 405 TS is the first self-checking, self-maintaining microplate washer available!

The 405™ Touch Microplate Washer incorporates a high resolution touch screen user interface for intuitive and flexible programming of 96- and 384-well microplate wash protocols.

The extensive onboard software seamlessly guides users through protocol development, instrument maintenance and operation. For those who prefer computer control or require 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, the 405 TS can be controlled with optional LHC™ Software.

Cell-based assays and microsphere-based assays are easily run with the 405 TS' unique set of available features and modules for gentle washing vacuum filtration and biomagnetic separation.

The 405 TS is Luminex® xMAP® approved; a range of configurations is available for this and a broad variety of other microplate washing applications.

Review the models and specifications sections for details on all the possible configurations, there’s certain to be one that fits your laboratory’s requirements.


Hardware features and options:

  • Patented built-in Verify sensor automatically checks dispense / aspirate performance and reports clogged locations in the color graphical display.
  • Accommodates 96- and 384-well microplates
  • High resolution touch screen user interface
  • Onboard computer running Microsoft® Windows® CE
  • Patented built-in Ultrasonic Advantage automatically cleans clogged tubes
  • Two USB flash drive ports enable convenient file transfer, storage and operation
  • Automated internal 4-buffer switching
  • Internal positive displacement pump eliminates use of troublesome pressure delivery systems and allows use of any size dispense reservoir
  • Built-in priming trough allows automatic manifold priming and rinsing during both operation and maintenance modes and eliminates need for blank plates when used in automated robotic systems
  • All washers vacuum filtration ready (accessory filtration modules sold separately)
  • All washers biomagnetic separation ready (accessory magnets sold separately)

405 Select TS

  • 96-/384-well washing with patented 96-tube Dual-Action™ manifold
  • Cell washing is optimized with two low-flow rates and 20° angled dispense tubes ideal for washing loosely adherent cell monolayers

405 HT TS

  • Fast 384-well washing with patented 192-tube Dual-Action™ manifold for independent dispense and aspiration control for precise overfill washing and overflow protection:
  • Superior tube-in-tube aspiration manifold design for 384-well washing with buffers not containing surfactant
  • 96-well washing ready with optional 96-tube Dual-Action manifold

405 TS

  • 405 TS models automate basic 96-well dispensing and aspiration

Software Features:

  • Context sensitive help system complete with recommendations, diagrams and images is only a key press away when questions arise
  • Pre-defined protocols and instructional videos walk users through instrument setup and basic use
  • Fully customizable protocol parameters for individualized wash requirements - gentle cell-washing to vigorous wash for high-binding assays
  • AutoPrime
  • Additional software flexibility and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with Liquid Handling Control™ (LHC) Software for method development, downloading and washing plates.
  • Run protocols created onboard, downloaded from LHC™ Software or transferred on USB drive