Biomedical Refrigerators from Z-SC1

Z-SC1 offers biomedical refrigerators in 3 different configurations: Blood Bank, Vaccine and Pharmaceutical.

  • Hermetically high efficient sealed cooling system.
  • 1 & 2 Door configurations.
  • Unique evaporator design with maximum contact on walls for the fasteST cooling down.

Blood Bank Refrigerator

Quality blood bank storage is a life-saving measure designed to protect you. The Blood Bank Refrigerator serves as the main storage facility for all refrigerated blood products received in the blood-bank.

Designed for the precise requirements of blood banking and processing applications, meets American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), American National Red Cross (ANRC) an U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) standards.

If the temperature rises above 6 or below 1 degree Celsius for more than 30 minutes, all units of blood in that refrigerator must be quarantined. Blood Bank Refrigerators feature alarm systems that alert you of critical power failures or temperature deviations.

Chart recorders track conditions for permanent records. Audible alarm on the refrigerator will be activated within seconds of a temperature shift, allowing enough time for proper action before stored units reach out-of-range temperatures.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Suited for chromatography applications and safe cold storage (pharmaceuticals, biological products…). Ideal for use in pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, health units. High Qualified refrigerators use forced fan air circulation and combine ultra performance refrigeration, temperature uniformity, close temperature control for your products’ safety.

Key Features

  • Adjustable PVC Coated Shelves
  • Chart Recorder 24/7
  • Fastest Temperature Recovery
  • Automatic Closing Doors
  • Natural Refrigerant

Vaccine Refrigerator

Vaccines are sensitive biological products which may become less effective, or even destroyed, when exposed to temperatures out of the recommended range.

In Canada alone, it’s estimated that vaccine wastage related to improper storage costs the industry over $25 million per year.

This figure, coupled with the industry’s unrivaled commitment to safety and patient care, has resulted in the creation and evolution of stringent guidelines and regulations that impact all Healthcare providers.

The key issue here is that many sensitive vaccines are being stored in basic “high-low temperature” style fridges causing them to lose their potency…

Full Specifications List

  • 6 to 12 fully adjustable stainless steel roll-out drawers
  • Resistant to cleaning solutions
  • Forced fan air circulation to ensure uniformity
  • Auto switch off fan when door opens adjustable temperature set point
  • Smooth, scratch and corrosion-resistant stainless steel interior
  • Heavy-duty, hermetically sealed compressor
  • CFC-free natural gas
  • Automatic defrost cycle and melt water evaporation in heated tray
  • Heat treated pair glass is used to prevent condensation and ice forming
  • Full view glass doors
  • Evaporator operates at 2 °C, preventing vaccine from freezing
  • 2 double-paned temperature, full view & non-condensing glass door(s)
  • Self-closing door(s)
  • Door locking device
  • Rechargeable battery-back-up
  • Option of left or right hand opening (factory installed)
  • Interior chamber light with door activated on/off switch
  • Temperature is set at 5 °C
  • Temperature range control between 0 to 13 °C
  • Chart recorder monitors temperature 24h/7days
  • LCD digital display for temperature with a resolution of 0.1 °C
  • Audible and visual alarms for high and low temperature values
  • Dry contacts for remote alarm
  • Door open alarm
  • Top mounted compressor
  • Ultra low level noise: 45 dB(A)
  • Supplied with locking plug
  • Patented heavy-duty lockable and adjustable casters
  • Automatic voltage compensator
  • One access port
  • CE, CSA, UL and ETL certified
  • RS232 port (free software to download)
  • Pressure equalization port for easy access after door closingQuiet fans for lowest noise levelHeated door seals prevent ice build-upAmazing drawer system Automatic voltage compensator protects electrical components Automatic defrost cycleRS232 port
  • 100% Natural refrigerant at low pressure
  • Patented drawer system with removable baskets for vaccine loading

Peace of mind that your vaccines will not be ruined or compromised during loading your fridge!

  • Fully extendable slides
  • Ergonomic drawer handles
  • Stronger and scratch tolerant
  • Guaranteed even at heavy loads