Biomek® Assay Workstation from Beckman Coulter

Whether your assay of choice is a heterogeneous or homogeneous assay, the Biomek® Assay Workstation is designed to provide you all the functional components you need to perform your antibody-based immunoassay or cell-based assay. The Biomek FXP or NXP, at the heart of the Biomek Assay Workstation provides you with the timed delivery of multiple reagents (capture and detection of antibodies and cells), scheduled incubation of plates (room temperature or elevated temperatures are available on-board), scheduled wash steps (96-or 384 well plate washers are available on-board) and detection of reaction endpoints (fluorescence, absorbance, fluorescence polarization, time-resolved fluorescence, and luminescence are available on-board).


  • Ensure system flexibility
  • Complete automation solutions with on-deck integrations
  • Streamline operations with SAMI Workstation EX software
  • Address 21 CFR Part 11 needs
  • Windows XP Operating Environment