Biomek® NXP Laboratory Automation Workstation from Beckman Coulter

By incorporating a wide range of next-generation features into a small footprint design, Biomek NXP sets the standard for flexible laboratory solutions. It puts every aspect of liquid handling – including pipetting, dilution, dispensing and integration – into a single, automated system that is as powerful as it is efficient and economical. All while offering unprecedented options for changing needs. Combined with robust Biomek Software and our ongoing applications development, Biomek NXP is bringing new possibilities to life.


  • Eight-probe, 96- or 384-channel pipetting
  • 360° rotating gripper for maximum flexibility
  • Open frame design allows future integration of additional devices
  • Pipetting performance
  • Fly-By barcode reader delivers on-the-fly tracking
  • Software for your needs
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Unified software platform across all Biomek instruments
  • Intuitive interface
  • Point-and-click methods development
  • Septum piercing and clot detection
  • The right applications -- the right way
  • Detection assays
  • Sample preparation
  • Automated PCR and sequencing reaction setup
  • PCR and sequencing reaction cleanup