Blue Light Transilluminators from Syngene

Blue light transilluminators are often used as an alternative to UV transilluminators when users wish to use ‘safe dyes’ instead of Ethidium Bromide. A blue light transilluminator is a ‘safe’ light source, in that the user is not exposed to harmful UV radiation and samples are free from photonicking.

Syngene offers 2 models of blue LED transilluminator – UltraSlim-LED which has a maximum gel size of 10 x 12cm for use in the In:Genius3 and U:Genius3 systems or the UltraBright-LED which can be used with gels up to 20 x 16cm for use in the G:BOX series. Both models use side mounted 470nm LED arrays for illumination.

High sensitivity

using 224 high intensity LEDs, the UltraBright-LED illuminates a wide range of samples, producing fluorescence in even the faintest of bands

Uses a wide range of dyes

EtBr, SYBR®Safe, GelGreen, SYBR®Gold, SYBR®Green, SYPRO®Ruby, SYPRO®Orange, GelRed, UltraSafe Blue


LED is safe to skin and eyes with no damage to DNA