Bluetooth-Controlled Device for Liquid Level Measurement

Andrew Alliance’s Liquid Level Wand (LLW), which is a compact Bluetooth-controlled device, uses ultrasonic waves to enable the Andrew Robot to spot the location of liquid levels in consumables positioned on its working deck.

This process does not need any contact with actual liquids, which means there are no risks of contamination and conductive tips are not required.

  • Removing the potential user errors associated with the earlier point
  • Avoiding the need to manually enter the stock solution volumes at the time of experiment preparation
  • Determining the position of the liquid level during the experiment execution (for example, evaporation liquids)

Technical Specifications

  • Weight of the LLW docking station — 1000 g
  • Weight of the LLW device — 95 g
  • Supply voltage of the LLW docking station — 5 V
  • Supply voltage of the LLW device — 5 V during charging, 3.7 V stand alone
  • Charging time — A standard test cycle can take 2 hours for charging autonomy of the LLW device: 90 minutes of autonomy under measurement. By contrast, the LLW can determine 1080 wells (11 Dominos) during this period.
  • PC interface — USB 2.0
  • Measuring range — 3 to 150 mm distance
  • Bluetooth version — 2.1