Bodystat 1500 Bioelectrical Impedance Body Composition Analyser

This is a lightweight, hand-held, battery operated Bioimpedance Analyser which is easy to use and requires no specialist skills. It is a non-invasive device, which measures the impedance value of the body providing quick and effective analysis of body composition. Whole Body analysis, rather than partial body analysis of arms or legs only, is measured for greater accuracy.

The Bodystat®1500 has two main cable leads of which each lead has two crocodile/alligator clips, red and black. These clips are attached to the exposed tabs on the electrodes. The subject’s Gender, Age, Height, Weight and optionally, Activity Level and Waist/Hip measurements are entered using the three keypads. It works by passing a safe battery generated signal through the body and measuring the bioelectrical impedance at a fixed frequency of 50 kHz. 

This Bodystat® device measures/calculates:

  • Body Fat Percentage and Fat Weight
  • Lean Mass Percentage and Lean Mass 
  • Total Weight
  • Body Water Percentage and Total Body Water*
  • Plus Normal Levels
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • BMR/Body Weight