Breeze NU-C2500R Refrigerated Laboratory Microcentrifuge from NuAire

Breeze™ Refrigerated Laboratory Microcentrifuge provides researchers a quiet and efficient way to separate small volume samples at a high throughput.

It is said that good things come in small packages, and the Breeze%trade; Refrigerated Laboratory Microcentrifuge is no exception. This mighty little unit is a perfect option when you are looking for a powerful refrigerated microcentrifuge packed with options but not counter-consuming space requirements.

The small footprint of the NU-C2500R lends itself to the vast menu of details and features, including its ability to protect your temperature-sensitive samples during centrifugation. Many smaller units do not offer this all-important feature. The NU-C2500R also provides you a wide speed range of 500 to 13,500 rpm, making it an excellent choice for busy mid-volume environments yet perfect for even the smallest of labs.



Intuitive Controls

Forget confusing user interfaces, endless user manuals and a myriad of buttons that seem to do nothing but get in the way. The NU-C2500R's user-friendly controls allow you quickly and easily to set parameters for your sample's specific separation needs. A quick button is also included, allowing you to spin down your samples quickly and easily without having to enter a program.


Keeping track of time can become arduous -- that is why the accurate, easy-to-set timer is a boon to the busy environment. It gives you the ability to spin down samples needing anywhere from 0.5 to 99 minutes of spin time. You can also utilize the continuous "Quick" button for short durations of operation.

Vibration-Free Operation

Centrifuge vibration can not only be disruptive to the work environment but can also compromise delicate samples. Keep the peace in your laboratory setting with incredibly quiet, vibration-free operation thanks to a computer-designed isolation system that monitors and manages every movement.

Imbalance Detection

Prevent catastrophes before they happen with the NU-C2500R and its built-in imbalance detection system. It safely detects and stops imbalanced loads, preserving sample integrity and the longevity of your centrifuge.

Other Great Features

Small Footprint

Keep your counter space free of protruding and bulky machinery. The NU-C2500R measures a mere 11 x 17 x 9 ¾ inches (277 x 450 x 247.5 mm) making it easy to preserve precious work areas.


The NU-C2500R may look small, but it offers the ability to spin down 24 x 1.5/2.0 ml tubes at a time in the standard rotor, giving you the advantage of being able to move consistently through your workload.

Optional Accessories

If you need to be able to change out your capacity capabilities or microtube configurations, accessories are available to fit your exacting standards and requirements providing adapters for 0.2 ml PCR Strips, 0.5/0.6 ml, 0.4/0.25 ml, and 0.2 ml microtubes.