Bruker Biospin's CMC Series for Small Molecule Characterization

Bruker CMC Series Bruker‘s suite of products for small molecule characterization and refinded small molecule analysis.

Structure elucidation: CMC-se

CMC-se™ is an interactive tool, which moves the workflow of structural elucidation from paper on to the screen and then streamlines and organizes it. CMC-se performs an automatic analysis of different NMR spectra types and proposes structural solutions ranked by probability. The user controls all steps and may refine the analysis using a comfortable graphical interface.

Assisted NMR interpretation: CMC-assist

CMC-assist™ supports the chemist with the interpretation of routine NMR spectra, providing an automated processing and an automated analysis of the NMR data.

CMC-assist’s underlying algorithm mimics the human interpretation logic and analyses routine NMR spectra with regard to structural consistency, spectral assignment, multiplet analysis, concentration determination and purity assessment. Any of these automatically generated results can be conveniently refined and finally reported in various formats.

Teaching NMR interpretation: CMC-assist Classroom

For teaching purposes, CMC-assist is now also available as a Classroom edition, which includes all the chemistry centered NMR features of CMC-assist, except the automatic spectra assignment.

It comes with a voucher for comprehensive NMR interpretation lecture material including example datasets and slides. Simply download the full CMC-assist package from our download site and request your CMC-assist Classroom edition license here

Quantification: CMC-q

CMC-q™ covers the entire workflow for high throughput quantification of compound libraries. The fully automated CMC-q work-package controls the setup of NMR experiments, manages the data acquisition and processing, determines the concentration and finally exports the results.

The parameter sets provided with this work-package are defined to cover a wide variety of experimental conditions and optimized for high throughput quantification of only a few μg of compound. In addition to the quantification, the automatic interpretation of the acquired data also includes identifying obvious structural inconsistencies.