The NanoZoomer is a family of digital slide scanners that convert glass slides into high-resolution digital data by high-speed scanning.

The NanoZoomer S360 is a new high throughput WSI scanner, engineered using Hamamatsu’s extensive experience of imaging technology and designed to meet the challenging requirements of routine clinical pathology.

This revolutionary scanning technology is capable of scanning 82 slides per hour at 20x and 40x magnification, delivering high throughput and exceptional image quality. The NanoZoomer S360 meets the needs of even the most demanding applications, with an automated image quality check that improves workflow in laboratories.

Benefits of the NanoZoomer S360

The NanoZoomer S360 has been designed using the latest CMOS camera technology and incorporates a new rotating drum loader, resulting in a high throughput of 1080 scans per day.

New NZAquire software has been developed to provide an enhanced scanning experience to improve workflow within laboratories. The new focus map provides an automatic quality score for scans, improving quality assurance. This enables professionals to focus on patient care.

The intelligent slide management feature uses custom barcode labels to improve multi-user interactions with any available scanner. These barcode labels can be used to personalize specific scanning parameters to successfully scan individual different and complex tissues. The barcodes can be archived with the glass slides and can be used to recall the original scan settings at any point in the future, providing full traceability.

Features of the NanoZoomer S360

  • Fully automated scanning: 82 slides per hour (15 mm x 15 mm at 40x magnification)
  • Intelligent slide management for prioritizing workload and archiving - improving workflow
  • New drum loader and CMOS technology have increased slide throughput - 1080 slides per day
  • New and intuitive acquisition software – NZAquire
  • Automated image quality check - reducing user-scanner interaction
  • IVD Compliant


Product name

NanoZoomer S360

Product number


Scanning speeds: 20× mode (15 mm × 15 mm)

Approx. 30 s

Scanning speeds: 40× mode (15 mm × 15 mm)

Approx. 30 s

Throughput: 20x mode (15 mm x 15 mm)

More than 82 slides/h*1

Throughput: 40x mode (15 mm x 15 mm)

More than 82 slides/h*1

Objective lens

20x (NA 0.75). User can select 20x or 40x mode at start of scanning.

Compatible glass slide

26 mm x 76 mm. Thickness 0.9mm to 1.2mm.

Slide loader (Standard size slide)

360 slides (30 slides x 12 cassettes)

Scanning resolution: 20x mode

0.46 μm/pixel

Scanning resolution: 40x mode

0.23 μm/pixel

Focusing method

Pre-Focus map

Z-stack feature


Fluorescence imaging module


Image compression

JPEG compression

Power supply

AC100 V to AC240 V

Power consumption (Scanner only)

Approx. 200 VA