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The easy-to-use CLINITEK Status®+ Self-test Urine Chemistry Analyzer and reagents deliver fast, accurate, reliable urinalysis results with the convenience of a self-test.

  • Enables fast, convenient patient monitoring for common health conditions and chronic disease
  • Brings the reliability and accuracy of the lab directly to the patient
  • Available for use in pharmacies, retail clinics and elder care homes/centers
  • Convenient urinalysis testing for telemedicine, home care, and screening programs
  • Automated analyzers eliminate the subjectivity of visual read tests

Features & Benefits

As the world’s population ages, the burden of chronic disease increases. There is a growing need for decentralized care solutions, which offer patients convenience and flexibility. Self-test solutions bring the reliability and accuracy of the lab directly to the patient.

Simple and Convenient

  • Reduces manual handling and the subjectivity of visual read tests
  • Simple, intuitive touchscreen operation: load test, enter data, analyzer does the rest
  • Eliminates manual testing time
  • Onboard printed report for patient record reduces transcription errors
  • Onboard data storage for 700 results

Improved Data Integrity

  • Auto-Checks feature for reduced errors and minimized risk
  • Automatically detects humidity exposure and identifies strip type
  • Elimates human subjectivity
  • Enhances testing accuracy
  • Reduces unwarranted variations