CST-5000S Flexible Video Cystoscope from Stryker

The IDEAL EYES HD CST-5000S Flexible Video Cystoscope featuring Vision Sciences EndoSheath technology provides superior image quality and built-in LED illumination eliminating the need for an additional light source. The reusable scope is protected from cross-contamination by a single-use sterile sheath, making it the only flexible video cystoscope designed to never come in contact with the patient. When used properly, the sheath eliminates the need to run high-level disinfection between procedures and obviates the need for backup instruments. This is a cost advantage over standard cystoscopes, helping speed up turnaround time between patients, which may result in higher profitability.

A sterile barrier between cystoscope and patient

EndoSheath Cystoscopy is a new alternative to conventional cystoscopy. The sheath provides a durable, protective barrier between patient and scope, as well as a disposable working channel. This reduces the risks associated with exposure to toxic disinfectants, which may be harmful to some patients and staff who come in contact with them. 


  • Cleared for cystoscopy and hysteroscopy procedures
  • Features full diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities
  • Employs chip-on-tip technology
  • Integrates with the Stryker Flexible Control Unit (FCU)
  • Delivers superior CCD-based image quality
  • Uses integrated “Pure White” LED light source
  • Offers programmable camera buttons
  • Provides high-performance angulation design—standard and intuitive tip deflection