CX-A Automated Live Cell Imaging from Nanolive

Nanolive’s CX-A is an exclusive walk-away solution for long-term live cell imaging incorporating the following features:

  • Unperturbed imaging
  • Multi-well plate
  • Single cell
  • Cell populations
  • Organelles
  • Label-free and 3D
  • No photobleaching
  • No phototoxicity

Observe Living Cells — From Population to Organelles

Nanolive’s CX-A is designed to extend the investigation of living cells from single cells to cell populations without sacrificing the highest precision and resolution relatable to all Nanolive products.

CX-A enables researchers to explore macro-cellular dynamics such as cell movement, health, proliferation, and function. Micro-organelle dynamics and interactions, for example, mitochondrial network characterization, can also be analyzed.

(Multiplex)3 — Live Cell Specifications

The CX-A is built to work with 96 well plates to increase and parallelize experimental settings, thereby offering undeniable significance to each experiment and delivering robust biological insights to scientists (1).

Additionally, the system is fitted with many imaging modalities to connect and compare chemical and physical information at each time point (2).

Lastly, 3D data sets of all single images are automatically obtained at every single time point in real-time (3). It is a completely integrated solution well suited for the most advanced professional requirements.

Long-Term Live Cell Incubation — Walk-Away with Automation

Data acquisition is automatic with the CX-A, thus providing new perceptions and opportunities for understanding biological procedures.

Nanolive’s fully redesigned smart user interface allows first-time users to configure experiments within a few minutes and leave as such, while the CX-A automatically gathers the images. Besides enhancing data significance, several imaging regimens can be set up within the same plate, thus permitting users to work on various applications in parallel.

A real-time preview enables users to analyze the data whenever needed while providing an overview of the experimental procedure. With just a few clicks, the 3D dataset output can then be transferred to many data formats for examination.

Unique Imaging Technique — Image Cells from Seconds to Weeks

Living cells can be imaged by the CX-A for almost an endless period. The exclusive non-destructive way of cell preparation and observation offered by CX-A enables numerous images to be gathered each hour, converting endpoint assays into continuous analysis, for days or weeks, while cells stay undisturbed in a physiologically controlled setting.

Without restrictions, users can establish the ideal imaging regimen for their cells without stressing about photobleaching or phototoxicity. These exclusive properties of Nanolive’s CX-A system allow users to uninterruptedly track their valuable, highly sensitive cells, and to explore their optimum behaviors without missing a thing.

Technical Specifications

. .
1,3 Illumination source Class 1 laser low power (λ=520 nm, sample exposure 0.2 mW/mm2)
Epifluorescence: High speed switchable <100 µs, Lifetime >20,000 hours
1,3 Resolution 3D Holotomography (HT): x,y: 200 nm; z: 400 nm
Epifluorescence: x,y: ~ 400 nm (depending on channel)
1,3 Field-of-view (FoV) Single FoV* / 2x2 FoV / 3x3 FoV
*Single FoV: RI: 90x90x30 µm; Fluorescence: 90x90 µm
1,3 Channels HT: Up to 8 organelles simultaneously
Epifluorescence: DAPI + FitC + TritC | FitC + TritC + Cy5 | DAPI + FitC + TritC/Cy5
1,3 Imaging modalities Automated: 3D HT | 3D HT + Epifluorescence | 4D HT time-lapse | 4D HT + Epifluorescence time-lapse
2 Sample holder Nanolive’s 96 well plates, designed for high precision imaging with optical quality glass bottom and lid
1,3 Autofocus High precision label-free autofocus for stable long-term observations in all imaging modalities
5 Incubator stage-top Tokaihit stage top incubator: CO2 concentration range: 5% - 20% (±0.1%); Humidity: ~ 95%; Sample temperature: 30-40 °C (±0.3 °C)
1,3 Camera USB 3.0 CMOS Sony IMX174 sensor / Quantum Efficiency (typical) 70 % (at 545 nm) / Dark Noise (typical) 6,6 e¯ / Dynamic Range (typical) 73,7 dB
1,3 Microscope Objective Dry objective / 60x magnification / NA 0.8
1-5 Weight ~30 Kg