Carbon Dioxide Incubators from Panasonic

Panasonic CO2 Incubators are designed to provide optimum conditions for cell culture. From primary cell lines, established cell lines, monoclonal cell lines and through to stem cell culture, our incubators provide the growth conditions required by even the most demanding cells.

CO2 Sensor

CO2 within the Incubator chamber is controlled either by TC or by our unique temperature and humidity protected Infra red CO2 sensor. CO2 is accurately controlled by the unique sensor and CO2 recovery is rapid upon opening and closing the incubator doors to introduce or recover samples.

The CO2 Incubator air jacket design provides an extremely even distribution of temperature throughout the incubation chamber and is controlled by microprocessors.

Decontamination Systems

A number of contamination control features are present on  Panasonic range of CO2 Incubators to help protect your samples.

All Panasonic air Jacketed CO2 Incubators feature InCusaFe - a copper-enriched stainless steel interior which expresses a natural germicidal attribute, inhibiting growth of moulds, fungi, mycoplasma and bacteria.Decontamination of the CO2 Incubator chamber therefore takes place all day, every day, automatically without disruption to your routine or your samples. For critical applications UV-Safe automatic decontamination systems are also available on selected CO2 incubators. This optional UV Illuminated air duct automatically maintains contamination free air and humidity conditions in the CO" incubator chamber.