Cell-Matched Peptide Hydrogels for 3D Cell Culture and Bioprinting Applications

Biogelx peptide hydrogels deliver a nanoscale fiber size along with a minimum water content of 95%. This creates a simulation of an in vivo environment for cells and enables the generation of patient-specific, cell-based bench top arrangements, amongst other developments.

Biogelx’s Peptide Hydrogels contain no animal products, are appropriate for use with a number of cell-based applications and can be paired with various cell types.

These newly developed 3D peptide hydrogels, exclusive to Biogelx, are suitable for use across a variety of fascinating, high-growth applications, such as 3D Bioprinting, 3D Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering and Regeneration.

Biogelx offers adaptability, reproducibility and complete regulation of room temperature. Biogelx’s nanoscale fiber sized hydrogels, boasting a minimum 95% water content, allow for the consistent simulation of an in vivo environment for cells through the provision of more than a 3D structure alone:

  • Widest range of stiffness - 0.5 to 100 kPa - to imitate a range of tissue environments
  • Works effectively with biomimetic peptide sequences from ECM proteins, including Laminin, Collagen, and Fibronectin
  • Ability to grow a wide range of cell varieties, such as Hepatocytes, Neurons, Cancer, Bone, Cartilage and Stem Cells
  • Consistency between batches
  • Temperature independency and neutral pH

The full product range is listed below:

HYDROGEL Product Range:

  • Biogelx™Gel-S: Standard BiogelxTM Powder.
  • Biogelx™Gel-RGD: Fibronectin Functionalised BiogelxTM Powder
  • Biogelx™Gel-IKVAV: Laminin Functionalised BiogelxTM Powder
  • Biogelx™Gel-YIGSR: Laminin Functionalised BiogelxTM Powder
  • Biogelx™Gel-GFOGER (Collagen): Collagen Functionalised BiogelxTM Powder

BIOINK Product Range:

  • BiogelxInk-S: Standard bioink powder with preparation solution
  • Biogelx™Ink-RGD: Fibronectin-functionalised bioink powder with preparation solution
  • Biogelx™Ink-GFOGER (Collagen): Collagen-functionalised bioink powder with preparation solution

BiogelxScreening Kit

We understand that cells just like humans have individual characteristics. Hence, each cell types needs tailored cell culture products and treatment to better mimic their natural life cycle, and response to diseases and drugs in a laboratory environment. To de-risk your purchase and supply you with the best cell culture product on the market, we have designed a BiogelxTM-Screening Kit.

The kit contains 5 different gel formulation samples: BiogelxTM Gel-S, -RGD, -IKVAV, -GFOGER (collagen). We also provide you with different preparation guidelines and live technical support to help you to find the best gel stiffness and the chemical functionality for your cell line.  Try each of the samples, identify which ones support your research and order that single gel directly from our website in the future.